How to convert YouTube Videos for the Sidekick

Since most people have a Sidekick that plays video these days, one of the most asked questions is how to get video converted so you can actually watch it on the Sidekick, especially YouTube videos. CubanitaStylez (the same one that puts together those awesome themes) has recorded a video walking you through the steps to download a YouTube video to the Sidekick. You’ll need to use a website to download from YouTube and the video encoding program eRightSoft SUPER. Here’s the video walking you through it:

This should work for converting videos for the Sidekick LX, Sidekick Tony Hawk, and Sidekick 2008. For more details and other handy videos, check out

10 Responses to “How to convert YouTube Videos for the Sidekick”

  1. bar Says:

    Old news. This was on here when vids first came out on the sk’s

  2. omie Says: is sooo much easier… with no programs or any thing

  3. meme Says:

    This website has been really lame recently. Isn’t there supposed to be a new sidekick coming out in the near future?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You asked. Here it is

  5. meme Says:

    No. That’s not it.

  6. G-Dub Says:

    yo wats tha instrumentals in tha backround dat joint is crazy b

  7. demon Says:

    fo real where i get a copy of that beat?

  8. superkewl303 Says:

    I thnk all yuh guys are gay

  9. doc Says:

    wow you have got to be kidding me on all this.who wants to waste that much time to watch a video on a sidekick.I got tired watching you click all them pages…just got to and load a video ///lol////or buy a sidekick lx… rolling on the floor….click click click click and still didnt get video..hehehehheheh

  10. root Says:

    Can u watch you tube videos on a sidekick 2008? If so how?

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