Incipio Technologies Sidekick 3 Carrying Case

Thanks to the fine folk at Incipio for hooking us up with a prototype of the new Sidekick 3 carrying case they’re coming out with. I dropped my Sidekick 3 into it right away to give it a try.

Let me start by saying I’m not normally a “carrying case person.” My Sidekick usually rides in my pocket, with a screen protector (after I make sure to lock it so noone gets a call from my pants). As far as cases go, I liked the Incipio design. It’s a horizontal case, made of leather, with contrasting stitching and a magnetic clasp. The magnetic clasp is so much better than velcro, especially when you’re in a meeting and sneaking the Sidekick out. The magnet isn’t super strong, so it’s easy to undo, but strong enough to keep your SK3 well situated should you bend down or something.

The prototype has a nice snug fit, but not too tight. Anyone that got the OEM Sidekick II cases knows how much of a pain it is when your phone doesn’t slide in and out easily. These cases were custom designed around the Sidekick 3 so the case takes into account the form factor of the device. One small detail that pointed this out to me was the ease it was to quickly “thumb” the device out through the hole in the bottom. As I mentioned, this was a prototype and I was told the fit wasn’t perfect yet so they were still tweaking it. Seemed pretty good to me, so I can only imagine the final product is better.

The carrying case also comes with two small pockets on the inside for carrying extra miniSD cards. So for those that can’t fit all their music on a 2gb card, you can carry an extra 4gb (or 8gb when the 4gb miniSDs arrive) waiting to be swapped out.

Do you remember how the Sidekick II had the rubber bumpers? This made it excellent for leaning up against things. At work I would always set my Sidekick II upright, leaning against my monitor so I knew if I got a message when it was on silent. The rubber bumpers were just enough resistance to keep it upright. I was disappointed when I found that my Sidekick 3 was not so easy to keep upright like this. With Incipio’s case, problem solved! Remove your Sidekick 3 and flip the screen, tuck the magnetic clasp and slide it back in as shown in the photo. the angle of the belt clip keeps it upright stylishly. I’m hoping they’re all like this, but if not all it should take is a small bend in the end of the belt clip with a pair of plyers.

The only downside, and it was just me being picky, I found to the carrying case was the location of the charging plug. When the device is all the way in the case, the side blocks access to the plug. Simple enough fix though, simply slide the device up a millimeter or two, and easy access. Alternatively, slide it into the case upside down. The USB port is easily accessible though, for when you need to dump some new MP3s onto your Sidekick.

The Sidekick II cases from Incipio are already available and are the same quality. The Sidekick 3 actually fits in them, but is a bit harder to get out without hitting the shoulder buttons. The Sidekick 3 carrying cases should be available soon. They’ll come in an assortment of colors, so you’re not necessarily stuck with black. We’ve been told to expect Black, Red, Pink,
Grey, and Bone White. Click to jump to Incipio’s Sidekick Case page and check them out.

14 Responses to “Incipio Technologies Sidekick 3 Carrying Case”

  1. nickolicious Says:

    First…This seems like a pretty nice case

  2. aznmonkeyxD Says:

    2ND!!!! wow i am getting this for sure

  3. bootywhistle Says:

    third…! can’t get this… i don’t even have a sidekick yet… lol

  4. sr24vlz Says:


  5. spanishcandy2006 Says:

    Fifth…. Who gives a damn because i have the sk3 and it sucks ass big time. And im sellin it for 300 bucks, So if anyone is interested get at me

  6. C-LO21 Says:

    not likin da case reveals to much and looks too sensitive and cheap…..i preffer the one from

  7. youngeurow Says:

    Who gives a fuck about the case what about the phone lol

  8. AMBER Says:

    do you know if the sk3 has a firewall for when you surf the net? and what about a pop-up blocker? these are the main two things i need to know before i buy one. (:

  9. CrAzYAcE Says:

    The case does seem pretty cool. Too bad I brought a case for it yesterday

  10. C-LO21 Says:

    theres no pop ups on the sk3 nd i think the sever has a firewall……

  11. sammikkins Says:

    anyone know what’s the best screen protector i can get for my sk3 and where i can get it?

  12. zman Says:

    Sidekick 3 doesn’t need firewall or popblocker cuz its not like a computer, its a phone that reads web pages, then reformat them to read it on a sidekick

  13. b-easy Says:

    Its on the sever. if you worried about virus’s.. good luck trying to get one. because it is VERY rare.. i think customer care only have a few cases of this, lol but its safe.. but yea.. no pop up blockers.. but usually if u hit the x button once the page loads.. it wont redirect you

  14. C-LO21 Says:

    yea ima get ma screeen protecter hear….ma friend got it nd its da best ive eva seen like u can even c it….check it out

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