Is the latest Sidekick Zante stuff made-up?

CrunchGear posted about the latest Sidekick Zante/Slide info and are a bit cautious about believing it. We’re also a bit skeptical over here. Here are some reasons why we think the latest “leak” of Zante / Slide info is flawed.

Sidekick Zante / Sidekick Slide Features

  • The Zante on the features image is a bad photoshop. Why would you put a black phone on a black background? And even so, why not outline it in white rather than leftover garbage from a select tool? However the actual Zante image itself is something new. I just find it hard to believe that any “official doc” like this would be so poorly done.
  • What is the difference between a Feature and an Enabler? Why so much repetition in specifications? Are you just trying to take up space?
  • The Zante will use microSD not “Mlini SD”
  • The Zante has previously been reported as the Q700, not the Q900.
  • All the info has been previously leaked in some form already or easily assumed. It’s easy to gather it all and photoshop it together.
  • Why is it spelled “Catalogue” and not “Catalog” like it is on the Sidekick devices?
  • The screen on the Zante is an image of Danger OS 3.0, not 4.0 like the URL for the user manual placeholder on Danger’s site indicates.
  • Why in the world would you measure size in cc instead of inches or millimeters?
  • There is talk of the Zante having incredible battery life, but the battery is only 1130mAh, whereas the Sidekick 3’s current battery is 1500mAh and only gets about a day of usage. Can we really believe that they dropped the power consumption that much to get a rumoured 5.9hrs of talk time?
  • No mention of the feature of OS OTAs? This is one of the features that Danger has that most other phones don’t.
  • “WMA.2.5mm Audio” ? – Is this a new codec or did someone not hit return to create a new bullet point about the size of the headphone port?
  • All in all, I think some of this info is right, some of it is wrong, and some of it is old. Perhaps the person leaking this does have access to some info, but I don’t think this came from Danger or Motorola. Anyone else want to point out other fun facts about this latest “leak”?

    9 Responses to “Is the latest Sidekick Zante stuff made-up?”

    1. cracka Says:

      That hilarious spec sheet is clearly phoney… what’s strange is that it came out in the same batch as the evidently authentic zante photos. Not sure what hole Gizmodo found these in, but it looks like a mixed bag.

      I was thinking about what I’d like to see in the Zante that would get me to upgrade, and I came up with this short list:

      – A2DP for stereo Bluetooth
      – T-Mobile @Home compatible (needs WiFi, obviously)
      – Video playback & recording
      – 3G! (Hey, I can dream)
      – Full HTML Email rendering

      Any other ideas that would make it a slam-dunk upgrade for you?

    2. superdj1 Says:

      yeah 3g would be nice, i mean they did buy it on november of last year so it should be comming out soon and we should also start seeing new phones. If the new sidekick whatever it is, doesnt have 3g, im not buying.. Im through paying 20 bucks a month for cheapo edge

    3. splohocky Says:

      I sure hope this is fake, because this is essentially an SK3 with a new body…

      If Danger wants to stay in the game they simply must start taking the competition seriously; their delightful OS is just not enough to keep the fans loyal (at least for me that is).

      If they don’t want me to go get an Ocean or iphone, it must include;

      1) Wifi
      2) GPS
      3) At least 2gigs of internal flash storage
      4) Full html email
      5) A REAL update from OS3, cause quite frankly, the addition of a poorly integrated mp3 player just didn’t cut it for me. Hopefully one where the UI is truly customizable and doesn’t look so juvenile.
      6) Lets get a pdf viewer in there for good measure.
      7) I’d be willing to live without 3G if they put wifi in it.

    4. Ryan Yo Says:

      I agree this does look a little fake, but just to throw in my two cents, i dont think the image was “poorly cropped”…the white lines around it are too symmetrical. Looks like a sweet phone tho, true or not.

    5. rad55 Says:

      BTW I’ve had my Helio Ocean for about 4 months now and every day it has me giddy. Just yesterday the new Helio Up Version 2 came out and wowd me. Now we can Upload Our videos staight from our phone to Youtube, or pictures right to flickr. ( most were shot with my ocean)

      Just the other day the new Myspace Version 2 came out and that was amazing notto mention the CRAZY GPS system it has, super super voice quality and web sped that rivals wifi in every way. All in all i couldn’t be happier with my ocean, The device is EXCELLENT. 5 Stars.

    6. Brandon Says:

      Thats nice how you talk about the ocean in EVERY POST YOU MAKE. Go to a ocean site OR the forums at this site, the post has nothing to do with the topic and article at had.

      I dont trust the pictures, but I trust some/most of the specs.

    7. sansha4 Says:

      Speaking on behalf of the Sidekick Slider.

      One of my good friends cousin works for motorola, who is in development of the sidekick slider. And one day he was at church and showed me his cousins phone. It was the sidekick slider. It is the phone shown in the pictures however the entire phone is black with no purple. I am not sure the day of release, which is concerning me becuase I am deciding to buy a iphone or just wait for the sidekick slider. I tried to buy the phone off my friend but he said that he had to return it to his cousin. The Phone is real and for the most part looks exactly like it does in these pictures. It is alot more ligther. Lets say around the size of the blackberry 8700 or 8800 series when the screen is slid closed.

      The new options that I viewed on the phone are

      -A higher resolution screen that really makes it easy to see the screen in the daytime.

      -A lithion battery which are carried by most motorola phones. Which means you dont have to go home or by a car charger to charge your sidekick every 5 seconds.

      -An integrated bluetooth that connected to my Lexus IS. And my sidekick III does not.

      -It also has a higher tech music player than the sidekick III.

      -Also it has a better camera than the sidekick III which lets it compete with other PDA’s.

      Basically if you want the technology of the IPHONE your not going to find that in the sidekick slider. But if you love the AIM application of the sidekick and want to stay with its software the sidekick slider resolves all the problems of the previous generation sidekicks.

    8. rad55 Says:

      i still frequent this place cuz im interested in the best querty smartphone out, and i gotta rep the best one out. if the slide or LX tops the ocean then you’ll be the first to hear it… untill then… I’ll keep throwing out the reminders

    9. rad55 Says:

      i still frequent this place cuz im interested in the best qwerty smartphone out, and i gotta rep the best one out. if the slide or LX tops the ocean then you’ll be the first to hear it… untill then… I’ll keep throwing out the reminders

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