Iseedocs Coming to the Sidekick

Looks like maybe the Sidekick is going to get support for more document types. In a press release put out today from Iseemedia, their President is quoted as saying, “We are excited to be working with Remoba to deliver a complete PC experience on T-Mobile sidekick handsets.” He’s talking about the announcement of T-Mobile’s deployment of their product, iseedocs.

What is iseedocs? Their webpage says: “iseedocs enables mobile users to instantly view and interact with all common email attachments – regardless of file size – as if they were sitting at their desks.” So in short, it will be a way to view all sorts of document types that aren’t natively supported by the Sidekick as long as you have network connectivity. What will it support? Their site says they can handle everything from Office dovuments to PDF, audio, and video. A lot of documents are directly supported on the Sidekick, but iseedocs will take the responsibility off the Sidekick OS and allow for future document types without having to update the Sidekick.

Here’s the full press release:

iseedocs(TM) Goes Live on Major U.S. Carrier Network with Remoba Email Service

TORONTO and SANTA CLARA, CA, Jan. 5 /CNW/ – iseemedia Inc. (TSX-V: IEE), a leading provider of technology and services that allow mobile phones to be experienced like desktop devices today announced that it has begun commercial deployment of iseedocs(TM) on the T-Mobile Network in the U.S. with Remoba. iseedocs enables instant attachment viewing and navigation without having to download content. Handsets provide access to enterprise email, calendar and contacts. The combined offering is now being rolled out to T-Mobile customers as a choice download with affordable email data plans.

“As more people travel and work from multiple locations, mobile phones must perform more complex tasks and access email with sizeable attachments,” said Anthony DeCristofaro, President and CEO, iseemedia. “iseedocs is the ideal solution to perform this task on mobile phones. We are excited to be working with Remoba to deliver a complete PC experience on T-Mobile sidekick handsets.”

Unlike most email attachment handlers, iseedocs delivers a document index which is also the document management system. All pages, images and graphs are accessible on demand. Unlike other attachment viewers, iseedocs does not download the document to the mobile device, but streams pages as they are requested. The user can also zoom and pan the document, providing a higher degree of information than is normally available on mobile devices.

Using a Smart Adaptation Engine, iseedocs maintains virtually all document formatting and content. So if a chart embedded in the Word document is too small to see, the user can zoom in to view more detail. If a 30-page document is being viewed, and the reader needs to view page 21, they can access the page directly through a table of contents or page thumbnail navigation.

“We provide the Smartphone alternative for consumers and business users without the costly data plans, proprietary devices and IT infrastructure modifications,” said Guru Thalapaneni, President and CEO of Remoba. “iseemedia serves as the perfect complement so users can readily manage their everyday activities directly from their mobile phones. More importantly, we help network operators to control their bandwidth costs while allowing them to offer new services on mass market devices. We look forward to expanding our efforts with T-Mobile as we make steady progress with this launch.”

The mobile phone application allows users to access business on their mobile phones. It can securely access email stored on servers and perform almost all the functions through the mobile phone just the way one would do from a home or office computer. The application can be downloaded to the phone like any ring tone or game, and setup by entering username and password.

About Remoba

Remoba is a leading developer of high-value, and affordable mobile phone software that makes “Every Phone a Smart Phone”. Remoba provides Wireless Access to Email, Contacts, and Calendar from the Desktop, Corporate Server, or Hosted Server on most Cell Phones. Remoba is based in Hayward, CA with a development center in Bangalore, India. For more information please visit

About iseemedia

iseemedia Inc. is a software development company focused on the commercialization of a Service Delivery Platform (iseemail(TM)) for delivering Blackberry-like email services to the mass market and an advanced Content Delivery Platform (iseedocs(TM)) for rich media adaptation and extremely cost-efficient delivery to mobile devices. The Company maintains a broad portfolio of issued and pending patents that support authoring, streaming and interactive viewing. iseemedia is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (Symbol: IEE).

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One Response to “Iseedocs Coming to the Sidekick”

  1. ImpyChick Says:

    This sounds really great…but I have a feeling it would come at a great price from the catalog. Plus, it may be a bit too little too late for business users, who have moved on to more stable platforms since the outage. I can see how this would still be beneficial for students, however.

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