It’s not a nub!

We received the following pictures from a source who wishes to remain anonymous with the following statement:

Unlike like previous reports, the SK3 doesn’t have a “nub” like a laptop.
But a 3D trackball that will light up instead of the D-pad like the SK2.

35 Responses to “It’s not a nub!”

  1. johnnycake Says:

    im 1st!!!!!!


    2nd !!!!!!! WHEN IS IT COMING???

  3. Irvingdizzle Says:

    sweet 🙂
    good job on
    the hiptop3 stuff
    can’t steal this :]

  4. OMG give it up thers no sk3 Says:

    as seen in all the pictures they sidekick is run on the same typle of program where all the stuff spins in a circle why would theey use a 3d mouse you wouldnt be able to scroll throught the stuff

    there for i know that all of the images of the “sidekick 3” are so so fake!!!!!!1

  5. Irvingdizzle Says:

    What the hell are you talking about? The pictures were only posted in the FCC..

  6. johnnycake Says: are sooo fake. don’t evenwaste ur time reading it. the guy says he’s seen it why didnt he mention the ball.


    does any1 know what color the ball will be ,because in the first shot its red and in the second one its blue. /just wondering/

  8. Harrison Says:

    The sidekick III is real! theres promo material for it at the t-mobile store! im so exited! does anybody know if i can trade in my shitty sidekickII and get the III? thanks!


    sorry 4 my last post I see that it will light up that sounds hott. can’t wait til it comes out.

  10. ilikeeggs Says:

    i cant wait till it comes out!

  11. AJ Says:


  12. FutrExec01 Says:

    harrison, what state are u in? you say they have promo material displayed there now? I dont see how that can be true if theres no TV spots or anything for it yet..?

  13. FutrExec01 Says:

    p.s. when i very first started reading about the SK3 people were sayin it was a rolling ball rather than a nub, i never really paid attention though

  14. SDWolf Says:

    Hrmmm…. I have to wonder how they’re going to make the rolling ball work. Many years ago, I had a laptop that had a built-in mini trackball, and I hated it. Just like an oldschool (non-optical) mouse, I had to take it apart from time to time to scrape the gunk off the little rollers. I hope that won’t be an issue with the SK3…..

  15. pranx4me Says:

    Harris, I didn’t see anything at this tmobile store near my house so… Mayb it varys by state? Idk. Neways do u think u could go to the store u saw it at and take some pictures to send in to the site?

  16. OMG give it up thers no sk3 Says:

    this sidekick 3 is not coming out do you people have lives

    why cant you just enjoy your siekick 2 the features arnt going to be drasticlly diffrent when it does come out..

    andd its not because they always lower the prices of there phones before they get rid of them and at one time it was cheaper that it is now.. it hassnt even been 2 years since the release day of sk2 soo chill out and mabye if you dont kill yourself by christmas it will be out with some stroke of luck from god..(i doubt it)

  17. Jeph Says:

    And the trolls are in.

    I don’t know what to think of this trackball. There’s a very big difference between innovation and a bold and brazen mistake, and this appears to be the latter.

    As mentioned before, we’re most definitely going to have to maintain the “hygiene” of our ‘Kicks, or risk losing the ability to navigate the OS at all. Moreover, what happens if one were to drop their Sidekick and have the track ball pop out, rolling into the street, or somewhere completely inaccessible?

    I don’t believe I like this. . . .

  18. orlandito_colucci Says:

    hey im bak orlando colucci but changed my name to my nickname ok beyyebye

  19. orlandito_colucci Says:

    wat i gotta wait for “moderation” wt f this is bogus omg but hey at least they did something new to the page noe thwy need more things haha

  20. sidekiccck Says:

    harrison is lying. . i live in washington, and the tmobile headquarters are located there. There is a tmobile store right next to headquarters and there is no promo material. i’m pretty sure they would have the promo material at the tmobile store next to headquarters before they had it anywhere else. also, when i went to the store and asked about the sidekick3, all they said was it would have music, it would be the same price as the sk2, and would be out in a “couple of months.” This was in april.

  21. FutrExec01 Says:

    not to condone any “people bashing” here but to “OMG blah blah blah” theres no way that the SK3 is fake, if an item is presented for certification by the FCC, approved by the FCC and then pictures of that item show up on the FCC website, which is a site known worldwide, I would put my lifes savings, that the item is not fake…and P.S. i dont see how you are any different from the people with “no lives” if you signed up to post on this site, check it periodically, and reply with your own information?? I can see how impatientness can convert into disbelief but come on now…

    but thats just my two cents…lets not get into the whole fiasco this site had problems with previously shall we?

  22. FutrExec01 Says:

    oh and one more thing…i think the rolling ball is a bad idea 🙂 the “removing gunk” from the inside sounds like it would prove to be quite a problem

  23. OMG give it up thers no sk3 Says:

    it didnt say “sidekick 3” on the fcc thing all it said was some type of sharpe product that doesnt mean that its the sidekick.. and when you look at all of the pictures people show each one of them is diffrent…

    the rolling ball is esp. the fake part they would keep the same softwear style where everyting scrolls in a circle and use a couse you wouldnt be able to navigate at all!!!

  24. Jeph Says:

    With a rolling trackball, you’re still able to navigate up and down, just as you are with a scroll wheel.

    You know that, don’t you? . . .

    The trackball simply eliminates the necessity of a d-pad for left-and-right navigation (at least, that’s what I gathered from the article). I suppose the receiver is just stationary now.

    Either way. Still a bad idea.

  25. AcE Says:

    Wow… Do you own a sk2? If you do, look on the back… It will say “Manufactured by Sharp Corporation”………………… There is no more that I can say, other than ur a dip$h!t…..

  26. oracle Says:

    What are the ports in the picture? I see USB and maybe power but what are the others?


    hey do anyone think we will be seeing the sk3 on MTV’s New Real World/Road Rules (Fresh Meat) Challenges? If you have ever seen that show they always recieve their challenge missions on their sk2 ,but since this is a new season will they be getting the new sidekick? We shall see….

  28. Woahh Says:

    Probably not Psychicsidekick3.. The RW/RR Challenges are usually taped some time before they actaully air it on MTV. So.. The chances that they got SK3s are pretty slim.

  29. FutrExec01 Says:

    the rolling ball is supposed to be more convenient for website navigation, emails, and stuff like that, not for scrolling through the menus

  30. SK_III Says:

    ORACLE-“What are the ports in the picture? I see USB and maybe power but what are the others?”

    There is the USB, Power and the other thing looks like the place to put a lanyard.

  31. Soup Says:

    The other ports might just be holes for something like a lanyard or wristsrtap to attach through.

  32. paige Says:

    okay, for all you people who say you won’t be able to scroll. a trackball is the kind of ball that moves isn’t it? so wouldn’t you be able to scroll?and then when you needed the 3D mouse it would work like one.

  33. mistergoodman Says:

    I dropped by a plugged-in T-Mobile store earlier today. Asked if they heard anything. They had no date, only that it was coming eventually. No literature. Sidekick 2 was still on sale.

  34. FutrExec01 Says:

    if you can remember back to some of the original pictures with the female holding the SK3, there was some type of cord plugged into that side…so thats what another one of the holes likely is, and then i’d guess the other for a lanyard also

  35. Sidekick III Says:

    for thoes of you who dont know that a TRACKBALL is, here,

    on you sidekick 2, you know how u have ur scolling thing inbetween tha anseer and hang up button, it scrolls up and down, right? well the SK3 trackball will go, you guessed it, UP AND DOWN! its not just just gonna go anywhere and everythere, so stop posting about how its not gonna work and stuff, think about it, they are not gonna put out a product that is purposely phisically mafuctioning, c’mon now

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