It’s Photoshop Time!

After seeing this image, and reworking the layout for the site last night, we thought it would be good to have a fun little Photoshop contest. With the high res image as a source, send your creations to We’ll post our favorites. 🙂

Grab the source image here

Entries are getting posted in this thread on our forums

15 Responses to “It’s Photoshop Time!”

  1. Woahh Says:

    First! Too bad I suck at Photoshop :/

  2. tonightwestorm Says:

    don’t i wish that were the case.

  3. phaserx Says:

    how can you even deface such beauty by photoshopping osx onto it? that should be blasphemy and you should be banned from ever getting a sk3. 🙁

  4. lokpaso Says:

    Apparently the sidekick3 blogspot site is doing some photoshopping of their own : they have an “exclusive” shot of the sk3 menu, but the icons look like they were rendered by a 2 year old

  5. orlandito_colucci Says:

    im 3 ah first time ahhhhhhhhhhhh im so happy and me either i dont know fotoshop 🙁


    can some one riddle me this, why are we wasting our time on stupid photoshopped pictures??

  7. frankzotynia10 Says:

    haha riddle me

  8. Ya Boy B Says:

    Man I know lol, this isnt a game site. Hey everyone let’s play the “photoshop the sidekick 3 game”. The blogspot site is really beating y’all right now. They are coming up with some big info, with screen shots and everything I havent seen anything new from y’all in a couple days. Hopefull you all will step your game up!

  9. T-mobile Says:

    I think that the owner of this site should at leassssst photoshop SOMETHING to create some hits to this site :). I honestly love how this site and the blogspot compete so much! It’s really cool. Right now, the information you give us, , doesn’t even need to be real. We just want something! No one wants to play this photoshop game. Just make up some believable shizzit. 🙂


    ooo nooo please don’t start making up stuff that would really piss a lot of people off.Thanks ,but no Thanks.


    ooo nooo please don’t start making up stuff that would really piss a lot of people off.we are all alittle bit desperate but not that desperate. Thanks ,but no Thanks. the sk3 will be out soooon.


    sorry for the double post oooppps

  13. johnnycake Says:

    the sk 3 is here check it OUT!!!!!!

  14. AcE Says:

    Lol At johnny…. Suree it is (¬.¬)

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