Jamie Kennedy – Not My Sock

More T-Mobile celebrity buzz, this time from Jamie Kennedy, in a pretty funny sketch titled “Not My Sock”…

Everybody knows our Sidekick’s need to stay scratch free and a sock is a great way to do that.

…Where’s the trust?

5 Responses to “Jamie Kennedy – Not My Sock”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Wow. Horrible.

  2. superdj1 Says:

    goto 1:45, w00t, sk LX, comes with BOB!!!! w00t w00t w00t best game ever.. well right before halo 3 that is

  3. sdk4fiend Says:

    well is hellarious im so jealous that he got an lx before me not fair lmfao!

  4. hamilton Says:

    I’m just happy der cumin 2oz. I can get 1!!!

  5. hamilton Says:

    I’m just happy as der cumin 2 oz. I can get 1

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