Limited Edition Sidekick LX in Black?

Limited Edition Sidekick LX in black
We’ve got no further information on this yet, so buyer beware, but there’s currently two auctions up on eBay for Limited Edition Black Sidekick LXs. The seller says he has 5 units pre-ordered, 4 of them “Buy-It-Now” style and one up for auction. The seller also says that the devices won’t ship until January 30th. Reasons we’re skeptical:
The photo of the said device is very poor. It’s not a press photo from T-Mobile and the seller says he has devices pre-ordered, not in hand, so how’d he get the picture? Why is he selling most of them “Buy-It-Now” when he could definitely make more money selling them auction style? But if you’re trusting and have the money to spend, here’s a link to the Seller’s Items. He does have 100% feedback for what it’s worth.

UPDATE: Our sources say that this is fake, not to mention the auctions got pulled from eBay. We’ll let you guys know as soon as we hear anything about Limited Edition Sidekick LXs.

18 Responses to “Limited Edition Sidekick LX in Black?”

  1. sdk4fiend Says:

    well according 2 ebay this 1 supports vedio an has a 2.0 camera which is wat i wanted in da 1st place so please someone confirm this ?

  2. lala Says:

    Why would they make a limited one with video and 2.0 cam that would make no sense and second a limited in black color is coming out soon for the lx so u can get it any color you want

  3. eddieskankface Says:

    that picture looks black and white! And video capabilties seems very unlikely,they’d have to change so many things for one sidekick. Sounds like a fake. :/ hey, I could be wrong. Just seems like a total scam.

  4. sdk4fiend Says:

    Is true da pic is black and white u have a point eddieskanface but why would they post it on this site? Anyways will see wat t-mobile says

  5. thizzrdie Says:

    It makes since for them to upgrade the limited edition lx to me.

    lala on January 12, 2008 at 2:40 am said:

    Why would they make a limited one with video and 2.0 cam that would make no sense and second a limited in black color is coming out soon for the lx so u can get it any color you want

    It makes since to me since this is a MAJOR feature upgrade and would make me buy 1(I won’t buy a phone without video). Just my 2 cents

  6. Ryan Yo Says:

    Oh its obviously in black and white because you know they would keep the “magenta” colored ‘T’ in T-Mobile and there would be the orange colored keys on the keypad like on every other Sidekick device.

  7. Ryan Yo Says:

    And it looks like the seller has since pulled them off eBay…

  8. lala Says:

    What i meant to say a limited would have more on the case then just one color because colorware is coming soon and u can get any color you want and if they wanted to add video and higher cam i think we would of had it now then later and they aint gonna make a limited sk with video since everyone wants video

  9. cian Says:

    awesome phone

  10. cian collopy Says:

    Brilliant phone.I don’t know what the world would do without sidekicks.

  11. Kelsey Says:



  12. me Says:

    Probably just got a reg sk lx and sent it to colorware and got it painted

  13. Anonymous Says:

    We can change these colors with the OG t-mobile cases. We have alot of different colors, I wouldnt believe it, it may be the same thing.

  14. lylia Says:

    Hi i have never ever had a dog or a side kick my mother said nooo u can’t get a dog till your in high schoool but u can get a side kick in march but it has to be a little cheap so plz can you lower down the payment on the sidekick lx (c3)

  15. lylia Says:

    by the way good messages you web veiwers you guys sound like nice peeps ok bye

  16. JAcob Says:

    i bought this phone. everything on it works fine except the camera. i talked to a sidekick specialist and he said that the phone is defective. i sent it back and he said that he would replace it

  17. him Says:

    the phone i bought from him works fine, the only thing is that the camera and video doesnt work on it. i sent it back and im waitin to see what he does

  18. Aj Says:

    i think i have this phone? i mean, i’ve been trying to figure out which phone i have and i think it’s this one.
    when my last sidekick lx (2009 in carbon) broke we brought it to a cell phone repair place and they said if we brought them the parts they needed or another sidekick they could fix my phone.
    well, we couldn’t find the parts so we bought a new sidekick, and for that price, we just kept the new phone!
    i’ve been looking everywhere trying to figure out what this phone is? because the sidekick lx 2009, which is what my current phone was marketed(!) to me as, only comes in carbon and orchid. this is jet black. mystery solved!

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