Microsoft Live Search (aka Maps) Application Available on Sidekick

Sidekick Maps and Directions via Microsoft Live Search Application

I’ve been waiting a long long time for mapping software to come to the Sidekick. For many years all that was available was either slow and tedious web-based mapping or the Google Maps developer app that was only available to developers. Finally the cries of many a lost Sidekick user have been answered. MSDanger has released the MS Live Search app (built by Requiem Software Labs) into the catalog on 4.x devices (2008, LX, and Slide) today. It takes care of all your mapping and searching for local businesses needs. You can do street mapping, aerial views, get directions, and even view traffic. You can also search for businesses and types of businesses near an address, movies, and even find the cheapest gas near you. And the best part? It’s totally free and there are no monthly fees!

For all you Sidekick 2009 Blade junkies out there, this is big news too. Remember when I posted about the next Sidekick having “Microsoft Live Local Search and Maps”? Well here it is. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these maps would work hand in hand with the GPS capabilities of the Sidekick 2009. And the fact that the app is free makes me think it’ll come standard on the Sidekick 2009

Here are some screenshots:

105 Responses to “Microsoft Live Search (aka Maps) Application Available on Sidekick”

  1. Setnakt Says:

    Well anyway the pointless bashing and flaming aside, I’m noticeing that the application is working properly again like it did at first. I wrote Danger at their support addy, didn’t expect a reply (there was none), what I did expect was for them to look into the problem and fix it. Give it more server capasity for the large volume of users (I guess they didn’t figure it would be this popular even though it’s a free app!) or whatever. I guess enough other people also wrote them, because my email was “answered” by them getting the app back running like it should. So good job Microsoft-Danger!

  2. zeawetyp Says:


  3. Setnakt Says:

    UPDATE! Check your Catalogs, the app has been “upgraded”. This is the 1st upgraded app (or game) that I’ve seen at least where they tell you what the upgrade is, namely; “now with better map delivery”. So as per my last post on this, look like Microsoft/Danger listened to our complaints! And this was FAST. I’ve not had any futher problems with map delivery since last Saturday regardless, but I’m betting that was the server-end fix, this is the app-end fix to finish the job. So I’m downloading the upgrade now, I suggest everyone else who got this app do so also.

  4. Yuyafan09 Says:

    Can anyone answer my question? I just downloaded it today on my sidekick. It’s working fine, but when I’m searching for addresses, it’s not showing up correctly!!! I’m in Minnesota and it never lists results found in Minnesota, but they do for other states. Do you guys know why it’s doing this?

  5. No name Says:


    Thanks and done! 😀

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