More on the Sidekick Slide

sidekick slide
More info in on the Sidekick Slide has leaked out.

Sources confirm that it is the Zante, and here are the specs:

•It’s called the Motorola Q700, or Zante
•September 9-11, 2007 Launch [In question, as are all unofficial release dates]
•Danger 4.0 OS
•Assisted slide
•Round keyboard keys
•Transmissive 2.4-inch, 320 × 240 screen
•118mm x 62mm x 17.5mm
•MMS support
•USB charging
•Voice dialing
•Same 100/30 SMS message limit as previous SKs
•Same 1.3MP camera

Some are speculating that this is an “interim device” to hold people over until the Sidekick 4. This is not just some thrown together device that’s basically the same as the old device, like the Sidekick ID was. This is a new hardware design, aimed at the market of people who complain that the Sidekick is too big and bulky. The new operating system probably won’t be ground breaking (we don’t expect to see video on it), but it will have some nice improvements over version 3.4.

via Gizmodo

One Response to “More on the Sidekick Slide”

  1. mistergoodman Says:

    The higher screen resolution would be great. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t improve the camera though.

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