More Sidekick 3 Rumors: It Runs on Windows?!

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Holy Sidekick Rumors! Now we’ve got another email about the Sidekick 3 sent in from yet another reader (Oh readers, how we love you) and this time, it’s juicier than ever. According to our reader SuperSideKickLuvah (name changed to protect the innocent), his friendly neighborhood T-Mobile store informed him not only that the Sidekick 3 will be out this December, but that it’ll be Bluetooth-enabled as well as EDGE-enabled (Yay!), and that it’ll run WINDOWS MOBILE(WTF?!). Here’s his email, with a few names changed so that nobody gets fired (The name changes are fairly obvious, as you’ll see).

Hello, my name is SuperSidekickLuvah and I happen to be browsing for TMobiles Sidekick3. I came across ur site and i just wanted to share some info. I cancelled my Sprint service for this reason, Sidekick 3. I was told 2 months ago at the T-Mobile store inside the Montebello Town Center Mall located in Montebello, California. I was planning on hooking up a phone but they mention i should wait for Sidekick 3 launch. I ask when was this going to happen and they said december but most likely January. I happen to call today and 3 employees updated me on the S.K.3 Princess Peach, Luigi, and i forgot the opther employees name mention a few things about it. It runs on Windows. It has Bluetooth Tech. and Edge Tech. Since 2 months have past since i ask about its realising date i ask again and they said it is going to come out on the week or weekend of THANKSGIVING! Pretty exciting. They mention it is slightly smaller and the screen goes up, they never mention it flips up, i should have ask, I will. I wasnt planning on doing this but i feel like i have to share the excitement. Its weird though, i called customer to see if they knew more, but the girl that was helping me had no clue. But, she told me about Sidekick 2 special Edition. One is black and another one is pink. I told her I havent heard anything about Sidekick 2 Special Edition. Then i happen to call another tmobile store and they also knew nothing about Sidekick 3. So, it does remain a mystery. I am PRAYING it comes out that soon cause i havea no cell phone cause i really want to own that cell phone. Well, i will talk to more tmobile reps. to see what they say, hope to keep in touch, maybe ur able to post this up or share it, see ya.

Uh, wow. Well we already knew about the Sidekick 2 Special Editions (the Juicy Couture and Mr. Cartoon models, respectively), but this whole thing about the Sidekick 3 running Windows is just shocking. WTF is this about? Is it like a Pocket PC wannabe? Will there be a hidden stylus? Inquiring minds need to know! I guess we’ll have to wait until December to find out, unless one of us manages to get onto that “private list.”

8 Responses to “More Sidekick 3 Rumors: It Runs on Windows?!”

  1. javier Says:

    Ey blood wassup,my brother workz 4 t-mobile and he said that the sidekick 3 is ganna most likely come out in januery 05.
    He said that nobody knowz how it lookz like but the important people in the company,he’s a district maneger so of course he knowz,he had the picture of the final design,but its ilegal to take a picture and release it to the press,so unfourtanatly I can’t send it……….I own the black sidekick ii,I can get every phone in t mobile I want,but hey he used to work for radio shack,and I can tell you for a fact that radio shack is dumping verizon wireless and making a 10 year contract with cingular….and cingular plans to launch a hip top of there own……and also t-mobile is going to make a land line that allowz you to connect and talk to anyone in the world with 1 monthly charge of $20.00 a month………..but yea its ganna get really big here in my city of Frisco (san francisco),t-mobile is ganna get really big!!!
    And verizon wireless is going down……they’ll probably go down in the next 5 yearz if they don’t come out with something good,cuz people might aswel get metro pcs its unlimited everything for cheaper than verizon wireless,its between $40 and 50 dollars a month!!!!
    But yea hit me up later blood!!!

    Javier aka LiL Silent
    24th Street You Beezy!!!!!!

  2. javier Says:

    Oh I forgot to say that the mother fucker who released the windowz rumor is a lieying son of a bitch!!!! It’s not ganna be blue tooth and its not ganna have windowz,its ganna be the same shit but with better software!!!!!!
    But as we speak the production line has already started……..right now they’re droppin the blackberry’s cuzz the company they purchased it off of is gettin suid for copyright fraud!!they might even stop the service on all t-mobile blackberry’s because of this and re-emberse anyone who purchased one……..oh if you guyz want the limited addition sidekick II you can just ask someone who workz at the t-mobile stores to order it them selves,they get it really cheap,my brother got me the mister cartoon one for $238.00,I used to have the motorola v3……….it took me a while to get used to the sidekick but hey its pretty cool cuzz I like to text and email and browse threw the internet quickly!!
    But yea if anyone wantz info on any t-mobile phone email me at
    Well iight then my ni99as hit me up when you can!!!!!!!!
    Javier aka LiL Silent
    24th Street You Beezy!!

  3. yo wurd Says:

    Dude I got my sidekick III on MOMO rims yo! My shit is hella tight foo. Its like word to your mama yo. I be like hella fresh yo. So sick it makes your mama go, DAMN!

    Sheit nigga I listen to hip hop and I’m funky cool. I pop cris’tal with my homies, DOG! Kayne West says george bush hates black people, but I love dem. I want to be like dem, thats why I got a Sidekick III at Target. Is that cool with Lauren Hill? I heard she hates white people, Eminem told me so, and he is from 8 mile, so he would know.

    Anyway, now-a-days all the bitchez be like damn, that nigga be a player and shit. They call me the Ductape Don, nigga pwease.

    So you go to Target if you need a Sidekick III, cause that shit is off the hook yo. Wurd to your Mama’s MoMo rims.


    yer a fuckin fag. i hope you get lynched.


    i spelled my god damn name wrong.

  6. Bonifacius Says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

  7. javier Says:

    hey the sidekick 2 is commin out in june 4 sure…this is no rumor this is the real deal….stores will be stocking up on them im may & they will be insale by late june….

  8. Elsie Cambero Says:

    my aunt said that a sidekit black and gray coast 50$ dollors

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