More Sidekick LX Videos

More videos of the Sidekick LX have been posted by our favorite forum admin. This time showing off the LX’s System Sounds, and just how loud the Speaker is.

10 Responses to “More Sidekick LX Videos”

  1. kur5e Says:

    bad ass i cant wait to get my sidekick lx i already got my reserve card for the 24th

  2. hamilton Says:

    it looks so hot!!! i luv that color!!! it lokms lyk a fone and not a toy!! huge improvment on speaka

  3. splohocky Says:


    I swear I am so glad to be rid of my sidekick simply for the association it bears with degenerate youths

  4. hamilton Says:

    Wow, way 2 b discrimanativ. Lyk ur 2 go 4 a fone that teens lyk. And degenerates? Bcoz sum ppl choose 2 sorten down there words wen there r on a pc or fone they r all of asudden degenerate. I fink sum1 shuld relli fink about wat there sayin b4 the post sumfin coz u just end up soundin lyk my grandperents.

  5. Ryan Yo Says:


  6. TheClassicalGod Says:

    As funny as that was… It took me longer to read than it did anything else. So ask yourself, is it worth typing shorthand when it takes longer to read than it did to type it? lol

  7. splohocky Says:

    My point exactly…

    …and I am 21 btw, not a grandparent; someone who once loved the Sidekick line of devices, a young person who, shocking as it may be, takes pride in such lost virtues as spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and intelligence and education in general…

    …people like you are exactly why I don’t want that phone anymore.

  8. hamilton Says:

    U can’t read it coz ur not use 2 it. Me and my fwendz r, we do it, its fast 2 type and just as fast 2 read. We r the next generation so ask urself maybe the problem isn’t me, maybe it is u. Lyk the sidekick 3 ur now out dated. So instead of judgin the youth maybe u shuld join em.

    Vocabuary, gramma and blah blah blah r all nice in skwl, but I’m not in skwl ryt now, and so long as that’s styl tru I’m gonna type lyk dis. U relli shuld get use 2 it, coz us youth ain goin ne wear.

  9. karen Says:

    It scares me to imagine like… Larry King going ‘OMGWTFLOLZ’ in the future. If he’s still alive, btw.
    But on the other hand, I guess English evolves. We don’t talk like Shakespeare, do we?
    So, ehm…
    Whatever happened to talking about the Sidekick LX?

  10. hamilton Says:

    That’s so tru u rok karen!! Yer lx, ok. I luv the lyts around the syd, its a good new featur. Does it change color 2 match the trackball, lyk diff clolour 4 IMs and emails. Ect

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