New Danger Smartphone from Microsoft?

There’s an article over on CNet titled How Microsoft will compete with ‘free’ that talks about how Microsoft is adjusting to compete in the world of free software. There’s an interesting section on smartphones:

Lastly, smartphones. Ballmer tries to change the subject by suggesting Apple ought to license its iPhone OS as opposed to keeping it all to itself. Let’s skip over Microsoft’s proprietary Xbox and Zune software and, perhaps, the upcoming Danger smartphone. Danger, the maker of the Sidekick PDA, is the company Microsoft bought earlier this year,. Microsoft has been selling Windows Mobile licenses for close to eight years now. In the licensing business, the iPhone isn’t the real competition, Android is. How do you compete with a free smartphone OS, and a good one at that, which is supported by Google Cloud applications?

My guess is Steve Ballmer is working on a combined answer, one that is sketched before our very eyes already. Microsoft’s Live services are but a rehearsal for a much bigger act, Microsoft’s Cloud OS, sometimes called Strata. And, based on Microsoft’s own Cloud services, we’ll see a Danger-based smartphone, as proprietary as the Xbox and the iPod competitor Zune. Put another way, Microsoft’s future business model will borrow from Apple and Google, it will have two components: proprietary devices and “universal” Cloud services. And like its models, it will attempt to extract extra profits by nicely tying both components together. For example: iPods are tied to the iTunes service, Android phones might (we don’t know yet) better enjoy Google applications.

“upcoming Danger smartphone” ?!

Allow speculation to continue…

thanks for the tip Mike!

16 Responses to “New Danger Smartphone from Microsoft?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    danger and microsoft really do need to come up with something amazing to take over the market. With danger (the brains) and microsoft (the money) they should be able to come up with the best phone out there for an affordable price and reward the sk faithful with the most amazing device of all time!! lol

  2. kekeke Says:

    I agree with the guy before me, I hope they come up with a better phone, the sidekicks aren’t as good as they used to, they need to spice it up 🙂

  3. davidM Says:

    No, no, no!!! Danger, say it ain’t so!!! Not Microsoft!!!

    This is indeed a dark day.

  4. debra Says:

    Hmm i wonder what this means now for us sk ppl

  5. diirtyboii Says:

    So is microsft/danger making a third platform in terms of software… like the danger os, windows mobile and cloud or just going to make them into one?

  6. Walker Says:

    I hear that they are calling the new OS, “WTR.”

    The phone will be able to compute with data speeds up to a rate of .998cnrhk’s (chuck norris roundhouse kicks) per second, faster than any data transfer speed known to wireless communication at this time. The only thing faster is, well, a Chuck Norris delivered roundhouse kick, equal to 1cnrhk. He roundhouse kicked while Microsoft tapped the energy produced, harvesting it and creating a limitless form of energy able to sustain data entry, wireless connections, calls and transfers for an infinite amount of time to billions of people. It is rumored that this was done nearly ten years ago, and that microsoft was simply testing the service this entire time, waiting for the perfect developer to help them share this technology with the world. Danger is the chosen one…this is the dawn of a new era in wireless communication, video calls are now a possibile reality for all those loyal to Microsoft and Danger’s services and devices. Glory be to Chuck Norris and his powerful roundhouse kicking ability.

  7. Thatsoup Says:

    hopefully the new device’s OS will be a great as Vista is!

  8. Roy Says:

    sounds interesting
    i’ll look into it when it’s released
    but for now
    this is my last day with the sk
    gonna cop my G1 in less than 24hrs >=]

  9. rob Says:

    On the G1 now! =D if a touch screen kick comes out I’ll definatly be copin that. But until then G1 all the way! Sorry kick =(

  10. Kristopher Says:

    Yayyy. I hope its good :]

  11. jkim Says:

    Well, ya it’s obvious that something like this would happen.
    Microsoft owuldn’t buy out danger if they didn’t have a desire to compete with phones such as G1 or the iphone.

    Microsoft will have a great smartphone with the sidekick functionality.
    However, i don’t have many ideas on what it would look like. G1 did a pretty good job of integrating a track ball + keyboard it kind of looks like a sidekick.

    Microsoft will do well with it, I believe.

  12. diirtyboii Says:

    I hope the sidekick 4 (or whuteva the call it) has 3g or wifi that’s one of the only problems with the sidekick but when u think of it 3g is wothless in some places cause t-mobiles 3g network aint out evrywere so they’re gonna wait awhile to release sumthn new maybe spring and wifi is worthless too a lot of ppl as well but on the next sidekick it is a must!

  13. vintagevillain Says:

    i love my sidekick but cant stand microsoft, why couldnt google buy danger?
    well, since microsoft is coming in on this I would like to see…
    Sync of Contacts and Calendars
    Word processing program
    Better web browser
    Microsoft to give up and Google to buy Danger.
    I would also like to see Mozilla jump in more.

  14. checkmate Says:

    I’m still workin on my sidekick I’d I really need to upgrade who wantz to cell there old sidekick hit me up 2676849723

  15. Tevibn makk Says:

    Now all the sidekick are going to be boring because windows mobile i wack there goin to lose alot of kid customers

  16. Tevibn makk Says:

    they need a touchscreen kick but with swivel screen not lik the lame ass one on at&t

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