Nick Cannon’s “Wild’n Out” with a Sidekick LX

Looks like T-Mobile is starting to create their known Sidekick “Celebrity Buzz” for the upcoming Sidekick LX release (Did you all get your Pre Order cards yet??)

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.
via BoyGeniusReport (Video posted there)

3 Responses to “Nick Cannon’s “Wild’n Out” with a Sidekick LX”

  1. kandie73 Says:

    I don’t get it

  2. hamilton Says:

    I fink wat it means, probly wronge but I fink it is just lyk gettin the lx out nd shown wit celebs probly paris hilton, ect

  3. Snkr x Frkr Says:

    nah. they are talkin about a video Nick Cannon has with the Lx. i’m not sure if it was an actual Wild’n Out skit, but you can see it on youtube.

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