Odd New T-Mobile Logo

Gearlog is reporting from CTIA with a new T-Mobile mystery. The logo above was spotted on all the phones on display at CTIA, both low-end and high-end. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? What does it mean?

5 Responses to “Odd New T-Mobile Logo”

  1. CrAzYAcE Says:

    first…lol woohoo!

  2. hummingbrd Says:

    I think each dot represents the dings in their jingle…

    ding ding ding DING ding

  3. tmobileguy2 Says:

    just sat threw a 2 hour meeting about it and i really cant say much but that this logo means that the phone is capable of ****** i cant really say much but the new service will be out on october 2

  4. LUVTHISLIFE85 Says:

    The new logo if of a new plan that Tmobile is having out starting Oct.2nd in certain regions only. Not sure if it’s everywhere yet. But it’s called MYFAVES. What MYFAVES is exactly is a rate plan that lets you choose any five people to talk unlimited too. For example: it can be any land line, any carrier, any cell phone. Just any 5 people period. And to change your five people every month you need to call customer care or go directly to any Tmobile Corporate location. But the logo is ONLY for phones that are MYFAVES capable. So some of the razors are being refeshed and new samsungs already have MYFAVES built in. You MUST have a MYFAVES capapble device in order to have the plan.

  5. m058205 Says:

    Yup, as aforementioned, MYFAVES (aka aka FAV5) compatible device. The logo for that only service only. You’ve seen the silly commercials.

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