Official Announcment!

We’re running around drinking in San Francisco and heard this. We had to put down the Guinness and post it as soon as we could. So coming from the Sidekick 2 via copy and paste:

Sidekick 3 On Sale Next Week
Yesterday, 11:00 PM source: T-Mobile
T-Mobile today officially announced the Sidekick 3. The latest version is what was shown in FCC filings. New features include EDGE data, Bluetooth, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, music player and Mini SD card slot. Current T-Mobile subscribers will be able to purchase the Sidekick 3 via the web or in two select stores starting June 28. It will be available to the general public July 10. The handset will cost $300 with a 2 year contract, $350 with a 1 year contract, and $400 for prepaid subscribers.

56 Responses to “Official Announcment!”

  1. Glasses101 Says:

    I just wanted 2 tell u’g guys that ur whylin out 2 tha fullest, please stop askin tha same ole question read tha main post b4 u say sum berzerko like “will I be able 2 get it, cause I live on Mars” man yall wild, anyway prepaid sk2000 roc, whoohoo….get down or lay down foo……sk1 wit no color fo life foo….

  2. joeblow08 Says:

    paige on June 20, 2006 at 10:42 pm said:

    sorry, but i don’t really understand what the article or whatever meant by upgrades and how much would it be if i already have a phone with t-mobile(not a sidekick 2)?and would i have to get a new plan or it would stay the same?

    Well Paige,

    If you already have a T-Mobile account you will be able to call in and order a SK3 on the 28th. If you are eligible for an upgrade (meaning there has been a long time since you last bought a phone through T-Mobile with a discount) then you can sign a 2yr contract and get the phone for 300, 1yr it will be 350 and I am guessing that if you dont wanna sign a new one at all then it will be 400. ‘

    Now as far as the plan goes, I would suggest getting the Sidwekick plan for 20 a month along with the plan you already have. It makes no sense to have the Sidekick and not have the sidekick plan.

  3. Jenniel Says:

    Can someone that has been a long time Sidekick user. Tell me how did the trade in program workout for them.

  4. Jenniel Says:

    I just called the T-Mobile Store that will be selling the Sidekick 3 in New York , and they said there will be no trade in program. Only upgrade.

  5. x3love Says:

    * I’m not sure if this has been asked or answered already (sorry if it it has) but I was wondering if I go online and upgrade to the long will it take for me to recieve it in the mail? Thanks!

  6. Mr.SK3 Says:

    Will there be a Mr. Cartoon? Sidekick3?

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