Official Sidekick LX

Sidekick LX Midnight Blue

Yes, the Sidekick LX has been confirmed by T-Mobile officially as well. Those of you that have been reading for the past few months won’t have any surprises.

Price: $299 with 2 year contract
Screen: 400×240 (high res 3″ screen)
Dimensions: 5.1in x 2.36in x 0.86in
Weight: 5.7 ounces
Battery: 6.8hrs talk time, 4 days standby
Memory: MicroSD slot
OS: DangerOS v4.4
Messaging: MySpace, AIM, MSN, Yahoo,email (4 accounts), SMS/MMS support. (finally MMS!)
Camera: 1.3mp
Video: No video on release, but we hear rumors that it will support it.
Colors: Midnight Blue and Espresso Brown
Mood lighting LEDs around the device that will flash with alerts
And all the other stuff you’ve come to know and love on your Sidekick 3, just in a new package.

The Sidekick LX will be available on October 17th for current customers in an upgrade procedure similar to the one for the Sidekick 3. Everyone else will have to wait till October 24th to get theirs.

Well now that both devices are official, which one are you getting and why? Tell us in the forum poll!

Sidekick LX Midnight BlueSidekick LX Midnight BlueSidekick LX Espresso BrownSidekick LX Espresso BrownSidekick LX Espresso Brown

76 Responses to “Official Sidekick LX”

  1. thizzrdie Says:

    YOU GOT ME WANTING A HELIO NOW!!! I did NOT know it could do all of that. Download videos straight to you tube!!!! WOW You got me sold man. I Can’t wait till my T-Mobile contract is over so I can switch carriers. Is there any problems with the Helio Ocean? Can I watch You Tube on the phone? Again WOW

  2. rad55 Says:

    yes, you can watch youtube mobile. here is my youtube page. all of these were downloaded straight to youtube after i took them on my ocean.

  3. hamilton Says:

    yes the ocean has sum crazy awsum features. i guess sum ppl lyk the ocean 4 its features. i lyk my sidekick 4 the 5 possible ways of cummunication, now wit my space 6 possible ways. i hav a fwend hu luvs is v3x 4 the design. i guess everybody lyks deffrent fones 4 diffrent reasons. depends on wat u want ur fone 2 do, its plan, ect.

  4. rad55 Says:

    just so you know you can also communicate in 6 different ways with the helio as well. And they are all awesome to get to, with something called the ULTIMATE inbox. IM’s, Emails and SMS are all delivered to one central area. Its easy as hell to send IM’s with one of the 3 clients, easy as hell to send a text. all you have to do is start typing a persons name and they will pop up…and even better, it knows whether or not you’re typing a name or want to quickly seach something online. if you type johnny, it knows to take you to johnny in your contact list. if you type it will take you to a web search with 5 different links of also if it is a movie, it will automatically gives you movie times for it…. talk about a smart phone… this phone is genius. So basically in every way you can communicate with a sidekick, you can with an ocean… only its about half the price. they go for about 250 right now. oh and also the speakers are loud as well, the whole back of the phone is like one giant speaker…AND the phone is smaller. oh…and it swivels two ways ^_^

  5. rad55 Says:

    just take some time to read up on the helio ocean if you haven’t, it doesn’t hurt to look at the awesomeness!

  6. hamilton Says:

    Dude chill out. U sound lyk ur the spoksperson 4 the fone. And u only tolld me 3 ways 2 communicate.

  7. Apex001 Says:


  8. hamilton Says:

    299 isn’t it?

  9. rad55 Says:

    Text Messaging- 1


    Super Quick 3G Internet for message boards-3


    1 of 3 Different IM Clients- 5

    Super quick Myspace Mobile- 6

    IRC Client- 7 (if you don’t know what IRC is, you best look it up. its an AMAZING way to communicate and get questions answered)

    Buddy beacon- 8

    I’m sorry, I just love my phone and want people to know there is something better out there. If you don’t like it, I’m not making you listen. Im only talking to the people who don’t want to pay 400-500 for the same things they’ve been fed before with a new wrapper.

  10. hamilton Says:

    It slide 2 ways doesn’t it? 1 way 2 make full qwerty keypad, then anotha way witch is lyk mobil keypad isn’t it?

  11. hamilton Says:

    The helio I mean. It slids 2 ways?

  12. rad55 Says:

    yes, its a dual slider. which impresses a lot of people. when i whip it out, i always get soooo many people complimenting my device, its awesome.

  13. hamilton Says:

    Sounds kwl. Y do u need 2 keypads? R there sumfings u can only do wit 1 keypad and otha fings u can only do wit da otha keypad?

  14. rad55 Says:

    no, its just slides one way for a numeric keypad to make it easy to dial numbers quickly and then another way for querty for easy texting/typing. but you can do everything on both.

  15. hamilton Says:

    That’s relli hot!!! If I got it unlocked and put my tmobil simcard in on the sidekick data plan wuld I b able 2 access everyfing on da helio or is there styl sum stuff I wuld hav 2 pay extra a month?

  16. thizzrdie Says:

    How much is it costing you a month?

  17. rad55 Says:

    about 65 dollars a month for UNLIMITED all you can eat data and 500 minutes with free nights (6:00pm-5:00am) and weekends.

    and i forgot what the name of the type of phone it is, but it is the type that doesn’t use sim cards unfortunately so you need helio service in order to use it. but thats not really even a bad thing because helios service on data and voice is incredible.

  18. hamilton Says:

    I just started my 2 year contract a couple months ago so I guess I miss out on the helio. Damn

  19. thizzrdie Says:

    Pay pal is a scam business. Do not do any type of business with them.

  20. Gabi527 Says:

    Okay.. first of all. Now since it’s been a while since the LX came out, prices are decreasing. However, I’m getting my LX on Sixth Ave. NY ( ) the are having a special this week: LX for 79.99 plus $50 dollar rebate, that is such a great price, and I read that at Mobile Mart ( you must google for info, I found it on ) which is located across US, also has great deals with Sidekicks and other t-mobile devices. As for the Side Kick Slide, it looks smaller, but I’m dieing for the swivle screen. Also, the keyboard is better on the LX. I herd that on the Sidekicks, it’s hard to hear if your in a loud place, that’s my only problem, other than that, I want to congradulate all those with new Sidekicks, and I hope for the best of luck, and if you have not that good luck, hopefully you’ll comment us here. And to all those waiting impatiently, for the LX, or for the price to lower, or a good deal, I say to do some research, like I did, and not only is it helping me, maybe it will help others. If you have any questions please e-mail me on:
    I’ve been a costumer with verizon, for the longest time, and me and my family needed phones with triple/quadruple bands, so they could work in Europe and other places over seas. We decided to transfer to T-Mobile, and we’ve been proud customers of T-Mobile for almost two years now. Best Of luck to all,
    P.S. DOes any one know, where I can unlock the LX? It’s really important that I unlock it, somehow.

  21. joel Says:

    hi my name is joel.i want pay this phone

  22. djodjo Says:

    hi my name is john.i want pay this phone

  23. hi iam raul Says:

    I wanna know if u can watch youtube on the lx after the new ota update

  24. cierra Says:

    heyy, i love this phone i was supposed to get it along time ago but i never did…
    i am getting it for chritsmas…
    i hope it’s as god as people have been telling me…

    thnxx – Cierra

  25. KAyBAEBii. Says:

    iiHTS 299 BuCKs.
    dONt THiiNK ii HaVE ThAT
    MuCH.CoOL PHoNE ThO.
    EhH..ii CAN FiiNd OnE ON EBaY.
    RiiGHt NoW ii HAvE ThE EnV2.
    PReTTy NiiCE PHoNe ToO.

  26. trudycraz Says:

    Yeah im happy with my sidekick3. But I think that they should make a sidekick wit a touchscreen. Or at least a background you can personalize (put pics of your friends, pet, etc.)

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