OTA 3.1 changes

We’ve been waiting and waiting for an official changelog for the 3.1 OS, but haven’t seen anything official yet. However, on the Hiptop.com forums (not associated with hiptop3.com) jenniferkvm posted the following:

The list updates I have handed down from my bosses include:

Correction to the battery level indicator.

Correction to battery charging icon. Previously the icon displayed charging even when th battery was fully charged. The OTA fixes this.

Previously the device might have had problems with powering on when the power button was used to power off. The OTA fixes this.

Previously, the clicking DONE in the address book will not save/close an address book edit. The OTA fixes that.

Som beeps in the sounds profile did not also flash the trackball. OTA fixes.

OTA will ensure that redialing occurs when button on headset is pushed after busy signal.

Added Menu + Cancel shortcut in Music Player to remove menu item in playlist editing menu.

Media Player used to be case sensitive when sorting playlists. After OTA, it is not case sensitive when sorting alphabetically.

OTA will allow deletion of multiple selections from a playlist.

Device locking up after going to “sleep”. OTA fixes that.

Fixes echo in Speaker mode.

Battery Cover Notification is noticable when keyguard is activated.

AND Lastly ( I know I saw a couple of threads on this):

Ya know how when you answered a call and the person on the other end couldn’t hear you for a few seconds? Drove ya NUTS!
Yeah, the OTA fixes that……

There’s your list kids……

4 Responses to “OTA 3.1 changes”

  1. Ya Boy B Says:

    That’s some pretty good improvements for the short amount of time they had. I am very satisfied with the OTA. I’ve seen major improvements in my battery life and that was my main focus. I guess now we have to find something else gripe about, lol.

  2. aznmonkeyxD Says:

    wow I WANT MM MSGING!!! and custom ring tones T_T t moble i hate joo!!

  3. Ya Boy B Says:

    iight well i guess its going to be MMS now, lol.

  4. xONWARDtoVICTORYx Says:

    thanks for clearin this up

    i got my ota and thought to myself “well, i got NOTHIN to look for” haha.

    i jus want my sk3 to be compatible with my imac =(

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