Paris shows off her studded Sidekick 3

While the rest of the world waits for the release of the Sidekick 3 on June 28th, Paris and Kimberly Stewart already showing off their custom iced Sidekick 3s. We received word from a friend of Crystal Icing scored the contract with T-Mobile instead of NYC Peach. So if you want to get all those crazy crystals on your cat remote, hit them up. They apparently did three devices for the release party. It’s believed that Beyonce got the third one. Check out their site for more of their designs for the Sidekick 3:

17 Responses to “Paris shows off her studded Sidekick 3”

  1. ispy57 Says:

    I would never do that

  2. dollface Says:

    dont those things falll off like 2 secinds after yoou put them on?

  3. orlandoxx69 Says:

    koool ill do it i think naw my sidekick 3 is ok like it is

  4. paige Says:

    haha did anyone see the blinged out pepper spray on the site?

  5. StArriEcOLiE Says:

    i think those r soooooo cute! i wanna get that for mine.. i hate plain stuff… ill prolly get it after i feel like my sidekick is getting to boring to look at… lol

  6. howinsidious Says:

    Kim Stewart is holding a SK2 in that pic, not a SK3. And no, crystal icing did not get an exclusive contract. NYC Peach is still exclusively partnered with T-Mo, read their site for details.

  7. Strobin Says:

    Nice . . for girls . . .think it’d be fruity for a guy.

  8. cpl697 Says:

    Danger should have just made the phone with changeable faceplates. They’d have more customers buying faceplates then going to Crystal Icing to get their shit done. Plus, we wouldn’t have to see everyone with the same shit.

  9. cpl697 Says:

    Sharp* not Danger. My bad.

  10. Britne Says:

    so its 325 to have it studded?? thats freakin crazy

  11. PrincessMeNA Says:

    Omg i cannot believe i spent $550 on my dumb sidekick II and my peers in skool took half of them off…..NYC Peach is mad expensive and they have limited designs and i think this is cute!!! i wonder if i should tell my mom to do it ….cuz i like it….but i hope they dont come off like mine did…..

  12. wright1SD Says:

    question…since NYc peach is still partnered with t mobile…..I don’t see any pics of the new sk3 on their website.. NYC peach only do patterns..CRYSTAL ICING much better…..they rock!!!…and no the swarovski crystals don’t fall off..I got my name tag for work done( back in sept) and I bang it around all of the time…

  13. Racx Says:

    Girls, it is soooooo much cheaper to do this yourself, no foolin. I did it to my skII, 20 bucks, and 4 hours later, I’m more blinging that Paris, and I’ve got my OWN totally me design, no one else has the same design I do.

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  15. bucca Says:

    that’s hot !
    i love that i just got my sidekick studed like that !

  16. shESZbADD,X3 Says:

    wEll. da ed hardy onesz are official- butt for da ed hardy to be 800 dollas is ridddiculoussss. i would neva pay dat muchh for a sidekick thinqqyy, dere crazyyy. i lOVE EM but naaaaaaaa. not worth it. with dat i can pay a months rent hah jk bye quysz.

  17. Crazy Girl Says:

    I had horrible customer service from and my phone cover is not worth the money spent on it. They did not cover all areas with rhinestones. and can totally see where they patched. for $200 with a discount I expect a nice job. That is as much as the phone cost. I upgraded to 12ss so there would be even more coverage. I had to add rhinestones myself to make it look decent by the skull. I need to add more, but don’t have enough extra crystals. They tried to initially deny me service for asking questions and trying to figure out exactly what I wanted. They told me to go away and I was crazy. DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. I am embarrased to say I paid $200 for the job they did.

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