Photobucket App for Sidekick Available


Do you use Photobucket to share photos? You’ll be happy to hear that there is now a Photobucket application for the Sidekick that will let you send photos directly to the service and manage your account from your device. Rumors about the Sidekick Blade said that this app would be available, and here it is for existing devices (Slide, LX, and 2008).

The application will set you back $1.99 to purchase, and then a recurring fee of $1.99 each month thereafter. So it looks like this is geared more towards hevy users of Photobucket. To get it, just check out the Download Catalog. Here are some screenshots of the app:

More info on Photobucket’s blog post. Screenshots are via PoweredByDanger’s post.
Thanks to everyone that sent this one in

52 Responses to “Photobucket App for Sidekick Available”

  1. crazyforiphones Says:

    You guys are really gonna think I’m crazy now, I just bought a mac pro and 2 monitors. This thing is hot! I definitely recommend trying OSX, it craps on my vista laptop and xp desktop.

    But anyway, the netbook supposedly is going to be sold thru at&t with a 60 bucks monthly contract. I would love to buy it outright, but prolly wouldn’t need it.

    The new iphone will probably cost around $299 for 8 gig for the first few months.
    Then it should come down like the others do. I’m in the same boat as you, I really wanna get the 3g model but I asked the att rep about buying the new one after only 4 months of contract, they said I would have to pay full price, ($600 to $800)

    Oh well, I will miss the keyboard. Sometimes change is good.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Huh.. What a ripoff. I dont need it!

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