Pre order your Sidekick LX (2009) Now!

T-Mobile is launching the new Sidekick LX (2009) on May 13th, but if you Pre Order yours now online you’ll get it earlier (When, is unknown.)

Here’s the featureset:
3G Enabled
Social Networking apps (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) built in
GPS Live Search and Geotagging photos
3.2″ TFT LCD (F-WQVGA 854×480 pixels)
Thinnest Sidekick Ever
3.2MP Camera with AutoFocus
Record your own Ringtones
Carbon (Black) or Orchard Finish

Pre order with 2year contract for $199.99 (Plus taxes and fees, and a 50 dollar Mail In Rebate) at or buy without contract for 449.99.

*Note: When we spoke with T-Mobile we were told we would NOT have to change the old 19.99 plan to use the 3G on the new devices.

76 Responses to “Pre order your Sidekick LX (2009) Now!”

  1. Michael Says:

    on April 17, 2009 at 4:52 am said:

    I don’t get it. It suxs the upgrade thing cause when I first bought the 3 and the lx came out like a year later I got the full upgrade discount and now I don’t. I believe if you got the lx or slide it has to be 22 months if you extended for 2 years and 11 months if you signed for a 1 year extention. Oh well I’ll be wating a bit

    I agree. I’m a long-time Sidekick user and previously when I’ve upgraded to new Sidekicks I got the upgrade price. Now I’ve either got to wait months more to get the upgrade price (if they still offer it for the upgrade price by then?), or will have to pay about twice as much!? HIGHLY disappointing, T-Mobile!!

  2. almir Says:

    i got my LX february last year i think, so can i upgrade my LX to the 09 for 199$ ???

  3. mubi Says:

    What does WORLD PHONE means?….Does it work in asia?

  4. Nik Says:

    Current customers: If the price of the phone is listed at full price on your account, you aren’t eligible for an upgrade yet. There are no errors on the website. Contact T-Mobile to find out when you are due for your upgrade to get the phone at the lowest price.

  5. ShawnQt Says:

    Well I have been a tmobile customer for a minute, and I have had a sidekick 3 for most of the time. Last year I upgraded to the sidekick08, but paid full price cause I didn’t want my contract to go up, and I KNEW a 3G was coming (especially since there were talks of the G1) So As great as the G1 is, its not really grabbing my attention…. so here comes the new sidekick LX… I was so excited!!!! I went to pre order and was able to get it for 199! Plus I took advantage of the unlimited voice plan for long time customers! The best part is I can KEEP my 19.99 sidekick plan, and with the G1, u have to pay way more money… not worth it in my case! I’m Getting the purple one since thats my fav… so Im a happy tmobile customer!! Love SIDEKICKS it has everything I need!!!

  6. Dominica Says:

    Just ordered mine and I had a shitload of questions.

    1. You can keep your 19.99 plan for those who have it. She also made a note on my account so that they wouldn’t force me to change it later on.

    2. The highest card it will hold is 32GB so goodbye iPhone (well atleast until the new one comes out or OS 3.0)

    3. Now you can IM while on the phone.

    4. You won’t have to redownloa and pay for everything.

    Only thing that sucks is that I get to preorder but mine still won’t ship until everyone else’s does.

  7. Dominica Says:

    TMo did not force yall to extend your plan or upgrade. You chose to therefore you have to wait until it’s your time like all the other TMo customers. I’ve held on to my SKLX for 2 years almost now and it paid off. I started to get the 08 when my LX kept falling apart but i stuck it out and now I get a brand spankin new LX 09 for next to nothing of what I could be paying for it and even if I wasn’t I couldn’t take it out on TMo.

  8. Dominica Says:

    Rosario I got my LX when it first came out and I just upgrade no problem with MIR and all. I would call tmobile because they tried that shit on me before where I hadn’t upgraded my phone for over a year and it wouldnt give me a discounted price online yet all the other lines on my account which had recently gotten upgrades had new upgrades better than mine but I called and had no problem getting the LX (the one from 07) at the discounted price after they noticed it had been some time since I had upgraded. The upgrades don’t really go by 11 months for 1 yr and 22 months for 2 years. I would urge anyone who doesn’t see that discounted price and you know its been atleast a good year since your last upgrade to call.

    18009378997- TMobile USA

  9. Donovan Says:

    Kinda ridiculous for Danger to be putting our yearly upgrades to their phone when Tmobile makes you wait 2 years to upgrade. Leaves out roughly half their customers with each upgrade. Smooth move. $419? There are far better phones out there for far cheaper.

  10. Sidekick Blade Says:

    oh no no no they tryin to make me pay 420 for this I thought it was 199 how many months did you guys have your phone to qualify for the 199 offer?

  11. imkoolnessx Says:

    mann so unfair. I kant upgrade kus I just got mi sidekick 08 last october, and im also a new tmobile customer. I wish I woulda known when they was gonna kome out with a new sidekick. I woulda waited..

  12. Avery Says:

    Mike B on April 16, 2009 at 10:28 pm said:

    Yeah, he’s right… here’s the link to the image that said it wants $420, even for current customers.

    for me i only had to pay $299.99 for a 2 yr contract

  13. Dean Says:

    hey does anyone know if it will be released in australia?


  14. unicornkid Says:

    is it coming to australia?!?!?!?

  15. ahh Says:


  16. Cassie Says:

    Yeah i agree any news on an AU date?
    x x Cassie

  17. voe Says:

    how do i pre order sum1 email me asap

  18. She's Beautiful Says:

    I had the sidekick 2008 for about 6 months how much would it cost to upgrade to the sidekick 2009 ?

  19. quito Says:

    Divany on April 16, 2009 at 10:05 pm said:

    on April 16, 2009 at 9:54 pm said:

    if i get a plan 2day can i upgrade ???/

    Nope u gotta be in the plan for at least 1 year

    um i think u should wait for the phone to come out and get the pone witha 2 year contract and its gona be 199 thats wat im going to do because im bearly gonna sign up with t-mobile

  20. miss jonas Says:

    do i have to pay the sidekick rate plan in order to have a sidekick …n how much is it

  21. babyally189 Says:

    Heyy umm I don’t have a T-moblie plan… and I bought my sidekick 08 around february.. Not knowingg the 09 was commingg out.. Can I still upgrade my fone.. I noe it will cost more than havingg a plan but do I have to pay full price?

    && if I give my fone to my friend and give him the 200$ can he get me the upgrade if he’s been a tmoblie coustomer for more than a year && hasn’t upgraded any fones?

  22. babyally189 Says:

    Ooh yeah my fone is prepaid btw …

  23. miss jonas Says:

    why isnt the phone 300$ with the 2 yr extension anymore

  24. ChrisBrown'sLove Says:

    I had the sidekick slide for almost 11 months, with the plan and everything. But do you think i can get the new sidekick 09 after its been a year?
    Pleaseee help. I really want this phone. I mean look at it.
    LOLOL. Thankss.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I wnt sidekicks latest versoin and I don’t know how

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Plz add me in my I’d and talk with me tc

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