Red Sidekick, Blue Sidekick, Black Sidekick, New Sidekick

Want to change the color of your Sidekick LX but don’t want to ship it off to Colorware and spend a ton of ca$h? There are some auctions up on eBay selling “Sidekick Lens Frames”. These will replace the plastic pieces of your Sidekick, changing the color to whatever you want. Several people in the past have dismantled their Sidekicks and then painted the pieces. You can skip that messy painting step with these. Here’s a auto-updating list of the auctions available on eBay:

5 Responses to “Red Sidekick, Blue Sidekick, Black Sidekick, New Sidekick”

  1. kenesays Says:

    This is great. I really wish they had the color green or orange..

    I really wish I could find a replacement for the reflective silver strip around the sides covering the blinking blue led mood lights. Mine is cracked and chipped up real bad where you plug the charger into the phone.

  2. the.fat_nunu Says:

    hm, but there’s no battery door… so it’d be like having a two-toned sidekick, i guess?

  3. hamilton Says:

    I like the black. Pitty it doesn’t have the back aswell. Are they hard to take faceplates off?

  4. araknophobik Says:

    shame they don’t have a back. i’d probably mix/match 2 colors like the back and buttons one color and the body another. wish they had flat black hmhmm
    better yet i wish they produced a white one that way you can just paint it yourself and trial/error on something other than your fone

  5. higgins.john Says:

    Will this void out my insurance?

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