Report from the field in Santa Monica

(7:56am Pacific) The incredible Rockstarr is spitting hot fire from the line in Santa Monica this morning! She got there about 6:30am and says the line is so big that she’s worried she might not get one! She hooked us up with some pictures, and sent her brother to the front of the line to get a few more. We think he should not be allowed to get a Sidekick 3 since he took pictures at the lowest resolution. But to give him credit, at least he got these before they kicked him back to his place in line.

If anyone else is waiting in line, let us know and send pictures and reports!

UPDATE (10:38am Pacific): Rockstarr is about 50 people away from “the tent where you get the wristband to wait in line again.” She estimates that about 700 or so people are there.

UPDATE (11:12am Pacific): Rockstarr has her wristband!

UPDATE (12:09pm Pacific): Rockstarr has been recognized by some Tmobile and Danger guys! Apparently they’re reading at the store in Santa Monica! A big shoutout and thanks to the Danger and TMobile employees dealing with all of us! (psst, Danger, looking to hire someone to do support any time soon? I’ll be in the Bay Area in a few months hehe)

UPDATE (1:13pm Pacfici): SUCCESS! Rockstarr is driving home in the shockermobile with her new Sidekick 3!

Final Update with pics (last two pics are the first pics taken with her Sidekick 3!)

61 Responses to “Report from the field in Santa Monica”

  1. CkillaCkam Says:

    lol hahah rockstarr yu a funny lil ho……

  2. youngeurow Says:

    phguap on June 28, 2006 at 7:27 pm said:

    alot of express people dont have tracking their yet, including me

    I don’t have express and mines is not up yet has ne1 seen there refrence number work and they don’t have express?

  3. AJ Says:

    rockstarr, can u take pics of ur sk3? umm?

  4. Sidekickchik Says:

    Those are some hot pictures! The kick3 takes some pretty good pictures! Thats awesome, i gotta wait til the 10th for mine, but its okay, I cant wait! heheheheheh

  5. oh2serious Says:

    is it true that u can’t used windows media player mp3s? if so, what should u use?

  6. illsellyoursoul Says:

    Now how about this for funny/fucked up…. The 1st upgrade I purchased, wasn’t shipped, and the 2nd one that I purchased about 4 mins later did :/, so only one sidekick is coming today :/

  7. Sidekickchik Says:

    awww that sucks! Okay I have about 3 people i know who got a sidekick 3 yesterday, they say there really isnt any thing major about it for people to be going crazy over it. You cant have custom ringtones ( u have to buy the crappy ones from the catalog) and its not that big of a deal that u can switch out your background LOL And there isnt really in real use for the bluetooth, specially since you cant really have custom content LOL

    Oh well I still want mine july 10th lol

  8. cracka Says:

    EmoTeve on June 28, 2006 at 7:30 pm said:

    I ordered 2 SK3s over the phone last night for me and my gf. I was at a special 1030 showing of Superman at the time and I could hardly hear the rep on the phone but I didnt care i just wanted my SK3. The people next to me were getting so mad. Then I had this guy on the other side of me that had an SK2 and he was gettin all pissed too until I told him what I was doing. Oh well. Cant wait till Friday.

    Honestly, you probably should have a received a beatdown. Pretty inconsiderate.

  9. aaronx102 Says:

    hey youngeurow
    i chose express shipping and i my reference number doesnt work either

  10. AJ Says:

    I meant for ringtones. I want to know how much they charge? Also, if I get it, will they charge me a nominal fee for everytime i get contacted or just a one-time fee for using it?

  11. darkestknights Says:

    It’s a one time fee.
    Usaully for 1.99

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