Rumor: More On the “Private List” for the Sidekick 3?

via Gizmodo

We got this amusing email from a reader who heard from her local T-Mobile store that the Sidekick 3 may be coming out this December, but there’s also a private “invitation-only” list if you want to get it by late November. Here’s what she wrote:

I went to the T-Mobile store in my area, it located on 5th street in Brooklyn New York. They are an actual T-mobile store. I went in to purchase a Sidekick because my sidekick broke and I needed a new one because I didn’t opt for the insurance when I purchased it. She told me to add the insurance on my phone and then to buy a cheaper phone (a $50 chepo) and wait about a week and claim my phone through the insurance and not to waste my time buying a Sidekick and spending the $400 for the phone because T-mobile was coming out with the new Sidekick 3 in December, she also told me to keep this hush because they have a private list for this phone and that it was by invite only. The invite would be for late November and the phone for the public would be for December around X-Mas. But I am going to do major brown nosing to get on that list for Nov.

There’s a private list?! Eh? So who gets to be on the list? Paris Hilton? Lindsay Lohan? What’s up with this exclusivity? T-Mobile’s being super-sly about this, which makes me think this new Sidekick 3 had better be something special. Now excuse me, as I try to see if I can work my way into this “private list.”

4 Responses to “Rumor: More On the “Private List” for the Sidekick 3?”

  1. TIFFANY Says:


  2. ameer Says:

    If anyone finds out how to get on the list let me know please!

  3. Torriei Says:

    I am a current Sk user and I would love to know more about the SK3. How much will it cost?

  4. Bonifacius Says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

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