Rumored Sidekick Gekko Details

TmoNews is reporting that the Sidekick Gekko will not be a Limited Edition device, but rather a new device. Similar to the Sidekick iD. It is rumored that this device will have a 2mp camera, and video capture along with some kind of video sharing software. Also TmoNews has reported that the device will be “Highly Customizable” Whether this means it’s customizable in the say the iD was, or they mean the catalog themes we don’t know.

The release date is still rumored to be set for July 30th.

Source: TmoNews

4 Responses to “Rumored Sidekick Gekko Details”

  1. hamilton Says:

    About time a device comes with video. The new device, the lx ota for video. And 2mp camera, i dont know, im glad it is a upgrade but it still isn’t on par with other phones. We always get it year[s] after others do. My friend has 5mp camera in his phone. I just would have liked to see a 3mp. Not that im not happy with the upgrae.

  2. yoo Says:

    Hm, 2 MP camera. Thinking about trading in my LX for this. Good idea or bad idea? I should check out the Aspen too when there’s more info on it.

  3. hamilton Says:

    Rurmord that the gekko and aspen are the same device.

  4. LiNA Says:

    no shit hamilton its da same fucking shit u fuckface. i bet ur gay. cuz dat was a gay ass comment.

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