Sarah Silverman loves the Sidekick 3

This video kicks ass. I’d love to see TMobile have the guts to air it as a real ad.

11 Responses to “Sarah Silverman loves the Sidekick 3”

  1. D_cell Says:

    You eat farts.

  2. KoryHutchinson Says:

    damn almost 1st…SECOND!!!!!! im gay

  3. Says:


  4. Gerald22 Says:

    Awesome! The really should have the guts…
    But it might be too long for a TV ad…

  5. Britne Says:

    omg thats so funny

  6. JackieMarie Says:

    “come back when you get a usb port” Hehehe lol.

  7. orlandoxx69 Says:

    i already saw this video thsi mornin is aw alot of videos in youtube of the sidekick3 i got a question will the sidekick3 be avalible for suncom the same day as t-mobile?

  8. Ya Boy B Says:

    haha that was pretty funny…man its almost less than 24hrs until i can get this SK3, this is crazy!!!

  9. Sk_4life Says:


    ya boy b what u meen u gettin yours early

  10. Sidekickchik Says:

    HAHAHA ok so everyone is enjoying their sidekick 3 oh i cant wait to get mineeeeeeeee lol

  11. pnyluv Says:

    rofl. that shits hilarious.

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