Sidekick 2008 OTA

Sidekick 2008 OTA Update

For those of you rushing out to get your Sidekick 2008, you may notice that you’ll get an update shortly after connecting to the T-Mobile network. That’s right, a 0 day OTA for the Sidekick 2008 to fix a few performance issues. There’s no official changelist as to what this fixes, but the word on the street is that Sidekick 2008s with v4.7/227383 are getting a “Temperature icon” that signifies overheating when they try to charge. The simple OTA will upgrade you to v4.7/231400 and so far we haven’t been hearing any reports of this overheating alert appearing. So if you’re new device is getting that weird icon, wait till your OTA is received before you run back to the store to return it.

Developing thread over on PBD
Thanks to Kyrios for the detective work on this one

110 Responses to “Sidekick 2008 OTA”

  1. B0NiTAA Y0iNT$ Says:

    I Need some Moree autotext like these :
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    Ineed Moree himmie ? aht my Tmail :

  2. Xavier sayys is my aim xD Says:

    Why isn’t my spacebar working on my 08? & it doesn’t work when I try to send a pic message & when I’m on my fb app ;XX I hate this peice of shett, Can anyone help mee?

  3. huzzah Says:

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009 and still running on v4.7/227283, any other way to get it?

  4. nollie :D Says:

    Ashley on August 13, 2008 at 2:49 am said:

    I’ve been having the same exact problem with my spacebar. It won’t work on my notes. Does that mean I have to call T-Mobile & send in my phone to get a new one? Cause school is about to start & I would not wanna be without a phone for school.

    I could also use my Curve, but a SK is always better 😉

    I also wouldn’t mind getting a new phone that isn’t scratched 🙂

    Thanks Armani!!! You made my day for this fix.
    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooott is right!!!!

  5. Miz Keyz Says:

    I had a Sidekick 2008 that worked FINE for a whole year. Then I screwed it up on my own by dropping it into water twice. I did an insurance claim, got a “new” one (re-manufactured) and I was NOT able to access my call log, the phone book was EXTREMELY slow, and when calls came in, the contact name wouldn’t show up, then it would disappear, then it would pop up correctly, then go away again, then reappear correctly–ANNOYING. So I called the insurance company and told them, they agreed to send me a NEW phone and they did, the next day. The next day was TODAY and the BRAND NEW SK2008 has the same problem. I like the phone and the features, even if the phone is considered an old one. I’m giving the insurance company one more chance. If they don’t get it right tomorrow, then I’m going to have to spend money I don’t have on an upgrade. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THE SAME ISSUE WITH THE SK 2008??

  6. LubmySKLX Says:

    im having similar problems to “dancefan” on Aim and in my notes and some other things my spacebar does’nt work… I’ve figuredout how 2 use space for it but it’s annoying and takes long…… does anyone know why?! please im desperate…. but sometimes it works and sumtimes not… it’s on and off but ANNOYING!

  7. Shaggy78 Says:

    yo on July 31, 2008 at 6:57 pm said:

    daniel on July 31, 2008 at 4:59 am said:

    Cheaper cause is the pedocessor or the ID technolgy has advanced sence the LX so is cheaper uhhh the enxt model the pedocessor or the LX will be more expensive were it is better in somethings is worse in others there all my guesses

    pedocessor is not a word

    the proper terms are Predecessor which is the one before in this case the id and the Successor is the one thats after in this case the sk 2008

    It was a typo, get over it…

  8. mari Says:

    The same thing is happeneing to me , but ¡ can use my spacebar for everything else except aim & facebook .. Sidekick 08’s really suck

  9. anabel Says:

    heii if any one has auto text just hit me up on aim plz ill return with the some that i have my aim is s3xiiami1295 plz and thank yuh

  10. amy Says:

    Eric on August 2, 2008 at 10:23 am said:

    I’m having this weird bug happening to my Sidekick 2008 and I’ve already gone through 2 phones in 3 days having the same problem. After I fully charge my sidekick for the first time, whenever I try to type a text message or an email it won’t let me use the spacebar or alt key. But in every other application (AIM, Phonebook, etc.) it works. I have no clue if its a software problem or a SIM card problem but I’m really confused and I would like some help!

    that happend 2 me b4. Thenn after a while it worked wen I restarted my phone. :]

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