Sidekick 2008/Gecco/Gekko vs Sidekick LX

Sidekick 2008 vs Sidekick LX Size Comparison

Want to compare the rumored size of the Sidekick 2008 to the Sidekick LX? Take a look:

Sidekick 2008 vs Sidekick LX Size Comparison

17 Responses to “Sidekick 2008/Gecco/Gekko vs Sidekick LX”

  1. sup3rs0ak3r7466 Says:

    so this means the sk2008 will be smaller interesting i need an official price i want this phone my sk3 is gettin old

  2. jessica Says:

    i dont know the exact price,
    but i think this phone
    will be no more then
    as usual it will depend on
    the customer.

  3. blinkzZz Says:

    how small is it compared to the sidekick slide??

  4. grant Says:

    Its a little bit longer than the slide and a tiny bit slimer. I hate the slide with a passion

  5. kev Says:

    its gonna be 150 with a 2yr

  6. tscope Says:

    i bought one 3 days ago its a cool phone, and coming from someone that doesnt really like sidekick, i hate all the first ones, but this is slimer and has all the feautures u might want in a phone except for gps and no infrared, but overall its good,and it cost me 450 with no contract cause i already have a contract and a blackberry curve and a tmobile wing that i swictc back and fort, so with this said help me to welcome the sk08 into the family. hurray for sidekick.

  7. John Says:

    Is there going to be a new sidekick by early next year. If not which sidekick is going to be cooler for longer.

  8. Charlie Says:

    Buy it on ebay.
    No Reserve Auction.

    Item number: 260286383053

  9. Charlie Says:

  10. admin Says:

    That link is dead, you can buy a Sidekick 2008 on eBay from here:

  11. shinay Says:

    i just got the sidekick 08 yesterday. i’ve been messing with it all day&night. the internet is way faster. the features are great. i’d say there’s not much of a big difference between the lx and 08. either way you have some of the best features from a sidekick.

  12. brittany Says:

    which is better sidekick lx or sidekick 2008

  13. ?? Says:

    I have the sidekick 08 and I was offered a brand new sidekick lx for it, I’ve had my 08 for almost a month and I love it, I kind of don’t like the size and the keybord is a little hard to type on..the cam has no flash but when there’s good light the pictures are great. I don’t know if I should trade..any ideas??

  14. sidekick lx Says:

    You guys should 100% get the sidekick lx the sidekick lx has a way better screen and a better camera with a flash! And its nice and slim and also it has a 3 inch screen the web browser is faster than the 08 the sidekick 08 is also 2 small and hard to type and the mood lights on the sidekick lx are crazy! Get the lx all the wayyyy.

  15. yasmin Says:

    hayy hayy nopersz youu ppl aree WRONG ive had myy sk08 for almost a month iloveit its awesome andd youu can put different shells andd who cares about flash andd moodlights youu ppl thatt sayy thee lx is faster yourr wrong plus thee sk08 is newer>sooo yeaa get thee sk08 its thee shit niqqahh

  16. stranger. Says:

    yasmin stfu.
    the sidekick 08 sucks.
    1. it dosnt have flash.
    2. its all plastic
    3. its like the sidekick id.

  17. jonathan Says:

    Sidekick lx iz way better bcuz it has a way bigger screen and flash camera and it can also hold way more space on the phone

    I have also had the 08 and I completely hate it cuz the internet iz real slow and itz kind of hard 2 type cuz itz so small

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