Sidekick 2008/Gekko vs Sidekick LX

Sidekick 2008 compared to Sidekick LX

People are constantly asking, should I upgrade to the Sidekick 2008 if I have a Sidekick LX? Well it depends on what you’re looking for. Here’s our opinion, feel free to leave yours in the comments:

If you already have a Sidekick LX, you’re not going to gain much by getting a Sidekick 2008. You’ll basically get a slightly better camera, but lose the LED flash. If fashion in the form of replaceable shells is your thing and you’ve got money to burn, go for it. But you’re probably better off just grabbing some Sidekick LX gel skins or a lens frame. Then again if you feel like the LX is too big or heavy, then you can drop a few ounces if you pick up a 2008.

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  1. aoK Says:

    GreekPharoah on August 1, 2008 at 8:30 pm said:

    To young_costa: the LX most DEFINATELY is an update to the 3. Tmobile/Danger may have changed the branding conventions (that means how they name it) of the Sidekick line, but for all intents and purposes it is meant to be the successor to the SK3.

    So because TMobile has changed how the Sidekick line is nammed its really hard to tell if the 2008 is a successor to the LX or the ID. Personally, I hate the new namming method because it make NO sense. What exactly does “LX” stand for?? Why couldn’t they of just called it the 4 since that’s basically what it is? And why name a product after a year that is more than half over? Even though Gekko would of made more sense, it is NOT the name that the company went with, so why is everyone still calling it that? If you remember, the LX was called the Shuriken at one point. In fact, you’ll still find that name on the box. But nobody calls the LX the Shuriken. Yet everyone is insisting on calling the 2008 the Gekko…what’s up with that?

    Anyway, back on topic…I called customer service for a question unrelated to the SK but I ended up asking if the 2008 was an update to the LX or the ID. The CC agent said it was an update to the LX. There is evidence that suggests this isn’t true like the fact that the ID and not the LX was discontinued, the customizable plates on the 2008 reflect the interchangeable bumpers on the ID and the low price point targets the same audience that targeted the ID users. But my guess is that if you call CC they will tell you the same thing that they told me: that the 2008 is “better than the LX.”

    Lets try and take an objective view. I personally find all this talk about the “better” screen or “worse” keyboard to be nonsense. Saying that “the screen is better because making it smaller makes images crisper” is just a cheap marketing tool used by TMo. There’s not a significant visual difference of the screen. As for the keyboard: who cares? The keyboard has changed on pretty much every single device and has always required getting used to but at the end of the day its still the best keyboard on the market. And since the OS features on the LX (with the new OTA) and 2008 are the SAME then the only difference is in the body. An upgrade should include newer, better features. Not to mention if the 2008 was the sucessor to the LX there would of been more hype, retail stores would of had lines outside their doors with customers waiting to upgrade and there would of been more launch parties. All logic suggests that the 2008 is not an upgrade from the LX. But if you feel that the new cosmetic look of the 2008 is better than the LX then more power to you. Its really subjective. But I wouldn’t go around calling it an “upgrade”.

    If you’re reading all of this and you can’t fiure out if I’m saying if the LX is better than the 2008 or not its because I’m not really giving an opinion. Its really to each his own. I’m thinking about getting it because its cheap and I could use a change in look. And since it does the same thing as the LX, why not? That actually means a lot comming from me since I’ve been an SK user since the SK1 and I DESPISED the ID (and I consider the 2008 to be the successor to the ID). I just wish that Tmobile stuck with the numerical names for the main devices and reserved the funky names for the ID line.

    i <3 you

  2. J.Alexis Says:

    Well I use to be a iphone user… Im always on top with phones from lg prada, lg viewty, bb8800, bb pearl, wing, ect, ect….. (always with tmobile / unlock phones) anyways,
    I use to pay almost a 100$ every mothn from my phone bill with all the features internet, txt and minutes plan. It was too much… to be honest I use to hate sidekick to death…. but one day my phone run out of bat and my friend let me use his sk 3 and I realize all the features the sk in gerenal have, plus the plan is only 20$ (unlimited txt and internet). I decide it was time for a change. I bought a sk slide in my opinion too girly too small for my taste, I am 6 feet tall come on I can’t use small phones, so I sell the sk slide I was ready to buy my new sk and I saw tmobile have a new sk out, was trying to get one so bad but one of my friend told to try the sk lx cause the size and the style is cool so I bought the lx and 2 days later I have the update ota…. I love my lx, hey is big in my hands is small…. and I got the same features as the sk 08… so if you want to get a sk I recomend you to buy a sk for the way it looks no for features sk lx and sk 08 ARE THE SAME FEATURES…..

  3. KFCLUV :) Says:


  4. wontsay Says:

    dumb stupid ass mutha fuckas i mean come on the shit aint that serious get what the fuck you can afford the lx is cost more and has the same shit as the 08 which is way cheaper so to all who dont have a sidekick and want a nice 1 and is low on money get the 08 to those who has a lx good 4 you and to those who is low on money and still want a lx you are all dumb and just ignorant because you can save your money and get the same shit and even just a bit better so get a fuckin clue get with the program we all like sidekicks so if you have a lx or a 08 your in the up to date crowd and if you dont your still in but your phone is out of date there i hope this helps

  5. the jimster Says:

    if u look @ the 2 pic the 08 looks just lyk the lx. and it has the same apps so go w the 08

  6. hmm Says:

    true. im gonna get the sk08

  7. KFCLUV :) Says:

    wontsay Says:

    September 15th, 2008 at 6:34 pm [ Quote ]

    dumb stupid *** mutha fuckas i mean come on the **** aint that serious get what the **** you can afford the lx is cost more and has the same **** as the 08 which is way cheaper so to all who dont have a sidekick and want a nice 1 and is low on money get the 08 to those who has a lx good 4 you and to those who is low on money and still want a lx you are all dumb and just ignorant because you can save your money and get the same **** and even just a bit better so get a ****** clue get with the program we all like sidekicks so if you have a lx or a 08 your in the up to date crowd and if you dont your still in but your phone is out of date there i hope this helps


  8. KtMae! Says:

    Okay, come on. Seriously: most of u ppl want the lx bcuz it looks more “elegant” and the screen is bigger (like a centemeter?). Get a grip. The sidekick lx is way more expensive. I have the sk08, and it doesn’t look “plastic” unless ur thisclose to it. I’d rather have the interchangable covers, faster internet, smaller build, a better camera etc for $100 cheaper. They phones are phones and ridiculously overpriced no matter WHAT phone u get. Settle. Down.

  9. haha Says:

    What should I get sidekick 08 or sidekick lx?

  10. KFCLUV :) Says:

    haha on September 23, 2008 at 4:08 pm said:

    What should I get sidekick 08 or sidekick lx?

    whatever floats ur boat, ima get sk o8 next week n i hope its worth it 🙂

  11. KFCLUV :) Says:

    you suck dwag!!!

  12. pretty boy mike Says:

    son youll cant be serious comparing the 08 to the lx..??? thats no competition look ima keep it short if u want a flashy phone get the lx if you want a low class phone trying to be flashy get the 08 so to top this off the lx is way better then the 08 from the looks, graphics, big ass plasma screen, internet, to the flashing sexy blue lights around the lx…!!!

  13. Mikey rocks. Says:

    I have a Lx ( all banged up ) do I get a new Lx or just go get the 2008.?

  14. prodigio Says:

    Hey I have a question for all the sidekick pros cuz I just started using them…but I first had a id n now I have the slide im thinkin bout getting the 08 but is it worth it to pay 100$ more for the LX

  15. Nicholas Vazquez Says:

    Look fucking dummies stop blabbering like little kids.Both the LX and 08 are hot and good tech phones SAME SHIT!get wichever one you want.Don’t listen to other peoples decisions.Its what you want and the time you decide the psp sidekick and sidekick 4 will be out.THERE THE SAME THING!so stop complaining piece ma niggas.

  16. Natasha Says:

    Hi, I had a sidekick ID without camera for a long time. It didn’t bother me at all because I have a hot pink camera, anyways. A few days ago my boyfriend bought me a new sidekick LX 4 x-mas! I was shocked and I fell in love with it because I had no idea about ubs, media player, and video! I just download youtube, NES (Mario) and more from my computer to my sidekick LX. Awesome! I can see better with a big screen 4 website and play the games. I don’t like my sidekick LX color is brown but I ordered CRYSTAL DIAMOND CASE COVER for T-MOBILE SIDEKICK LX on ebay. I really don’t care about sidekick’s with or without camera because they sucks. I don’t know about sidekick 2008. G1 seems much better then sidekick 2008 and LX. Maybe I am wrong. Who knows.

  17. Sarama Says:

    amazing think))

  18. Josh Says:

    How about you just don’t get a sidekick. Or get a job and then get a sidekick.

  19. lynsey Says:

    its **** sucks cuz we had to spend a hundred bucks on these fone.
    all the fones are crappy, when yu dropped it and it got ****ed up.
    sklx09 is ****ing ripoff.
    all all these fone and sklx
    why its so worth to spend hundred bucks on these stupid fones?
    its expensive than spend the gas for my car.

  20. josh Says:

    lynsey on February 8, 2009 at 5:02 pm said:

    its **** sucks cuz we had to spend a hundred bucks on these fone.
    all the fones are crappy, when yu dropped it and it got ****ed up.
    sklx09 is ****ing ripoff.
    all all these fone and sklx
    why its so worth to spend hundred bucks on these stupid fones?
    its expensive than spend the gas for my car.

    That was pretty intelligent. How old are you? The phones are more than $100. Don’t drop it and it won’t break. Learn to type.

  21. Joesee ;D && Says:

    j.j.( joesee jimenez!!) ova hea!! my sis wants the one on the toopp(lx) and i want the one on the bottom(08)..,..,..

  22. Joesee ;D && Says:


  23. drewwww Says:

    Ok so I use to have a sidekick slide, then down graded to a sidekick id just to test out the swivel screen before I actually updated to the 08 or lx everyone has there own personal prefrence on phones and what they are most into such as weight feel etc me personally… I now have a blackberry curve but I do agree with the person above who said small is what we wanted take a look at the Id look at how big it is and how it hardly even fits in ur pocket.. I think the sidekick 2008 is a pretty sleek small device which is why I would choose it over the lx, don’t get me wrong the lx and 08 are both great phones the same almost actually… But I just would like a small sidekick. I know most of you will read this and be like wtf but its personal prefrence that’s why I don’t get why we have ppl calling each other bitches were all a little more matture than that right ? Oh also if ur main concern is the great keyboard you could check out the curve I typed all this with it great use of a keyboard so long story short don’t worry about which everyone thinks is better go with the one u think is the best. Plus I’m sure 2009 has a great sidekick coming outsoon 😀 any questions ? Email —

  24. esco Says:

    ima first time sk user…I got a sidekick 08 for about 3 months now and I love it. its has to be my favorite of all my previous phones. idk much about the difference between the 08 and the lx but I don’t really care. my sister had mostly all the sidekicks except for the slide and I love the fact that the 08 is smaller and lighter from the rest. finally it feels more like a phone and not a sega game gear. and no more covers!! now there’s those new back cases for the 08…if ya sratch ya phone up…buy a new case and wala…new fone, instead of those stupid leather and plastic covers that make the sk seem bulkier. honestly no complaints on the sk 08…so what if it’s a tad bit smaller than the lx (gotta admit the lx finish does look hot) my ONLY complaints on the 08 are…no flash on the camera, what’s the point of having bluetooth if u can’t use the ringtones passed to u as ringtones?? and I can’t watch videos on youtube but my brother can on his stupid moto krzr!! pls fix this for the next sidekick and u’ll have a loyal costumer

  25. esco Says:

    …did I say the lx looks hot?? oops I ment the sk slide…plus don’t buy the t-mobile dash…it sux!!! worst spent $400 bux ever

  26. AlEx Says:

    I had to make the decision. I used to have a sidekick id. but i hated it after like 2 days. so i switched to a regular flip phone. But i really like the lx and 2008. But i made the decision to get the lx. the lx looks more masculine to me. and plus i have larger thumbs the lx has bigger everything. also the screen. everytime i look at it i thinK: “i’m glad i chose the lx”. i know its not that much of a difference but its just bigger and i love it. Sure it might be slighlty bigger but if your getting a sidekick, you should just know your going to be carrying around a big device. so theres what i have to say. but really its your own decision. do what you want.

  27. lola Says:

    i think the llx is better because it has mor ethings and you can buy different shells easier so if u want a phone get a sidekick lx
    the 08 is good but it just has slower internet and is the same as the lx but lighter
    its the same thing as the sidekick 3 and the id they r both the same except one is lighter

  28. steicy Says:

    I got the sidekick lx wen it came out and i LOVE with my phone. its not the smallest thing but the big bright screen is amazing. my 2 bestfriends have the sidekick 08 and it feels cheap and light . when you pick it up it just doesnt feel like a phone that shuld cost that amount of money . theres a reason why the lx continues to be more expensive then 08 .. bcos it is a better phone . the shell is the only big difference .. and to tell you the truth id rather have a good flash camera then a shell that i culd possibly not even get every week . anyone whos wondering which to get . just get the lx it relle is a good phone.

  29. New2SKs Says:

    Nataly on July 31, 2008 at 5:23 pm said:

    honestly I have both of the sidekicks the 2008 and the Lx, and really they are very different, i heard people are actually braggin ’bout wat sidekick is betta, wellz in ma opinion, and listen to me itz not a joke, but the new sidekick 2008 can’t be compared to thAT old messy LX,a mean its way more better than Lx, even though it has a smaller screen, its way more sophiticated and it goes way faster than the sidekick Lx, TRUST ME! Take it \from me who has both of tha sidekicks to compared so people who are plannin to get a sidekick and are not sure which to get, well take my advice and buy the Sidekick 2008, and you will not regret it, once ya see da kool keypad and the camera resolution its the best. So Guess wat Fans of the ols azz sidekick Lx, u cant take dat lame ass Lx and shaver up your mamas Azz AIGHTTTT>…

    Lol.. That’s going wayyy too far. You need to calm down. I think they’re both great phones, each other things that are better than the other’s. I still don’t know which one to choose, although (NOW) the Sidekick LX 2009 is coming out. I can’t afford the 2009, so I’m going to be getting a 2008 or an LX 2007. I’m a guy, so I find it kind of hard to type on such a small keypad, but I also want my sidekick to be smooth and not lag at all.. I don’t know which one to get. I want the internals of the 2008, but the design and features of the LX 2007. I don’t care much for the camera, and I doubt I’ll be allowed to use the internet.. All I want a phone that I can text rapidly with. One of the major issues is the PRICE. The Sidekick2008 is roughly $300, while the SidekickLX2007 is $450.. It seems to me that the LX is better suited for me with it’s larger keyboard and screen, but It costs $150 more than the 2008, which actually runs faster with it’s new software. HELP MEEEE T____T

  30. COokiesz Says:

    i thiink people sould pick a sidekick 08 because its much better and faster a Lx is really slow !

  31. Pasrk Says:

    I am just getting the lx. i know the difference between the lx and lx 2009, but idk which it is because they say it is the 2009, but it has only a 1.3 mp camera…………..
    I would just like to know if you think mine will come with the update if it is just the lx.. thanks.

  32. niggga! Says:

    ok i would just like to say that sidekicks r niggga phones either that or kid phones and i LOVE em!
    ok but just 2 answer the question of the post above……..u do NOT have a sidekick 09…..if u did then it would have 3G speed, a 3.2 mp camera with video, a MUCH BIGGER screen, and a shit load more

  33. DAVONTE Says:


  34. DAVONTE Says:


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