Sidekick 3 Batteries

Looking for an extra battery? Looks like TMobile has started selling them for $69.99. A bit pricey, but if you need one, you need one. Looks like these are fresh on the site, as they’re giving a processing errors when trying to select them. By the time you read this, it’ll probably be fixed though.

11 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Batteries”

  1. nYz FLYesT KiD Says:

    first ..

  2. nYz FLYesT KiD Says:

    i might buy one

  3. dollface Says:

    was that the thing that was supposed to happen today?

  4. bapesta16 Says:

    nuthin happen yet on the has anyone found sumthin?

  5. dre31 Says:

    Are u serious?!? This is what we had to wait for.. Okkkkkkk

  6. C-LO21 Says:

    i kno bro wtf nuttin happen w/e it will probably happen later

  7. C-LO21 Says:

    i kno bro wtf nuttin happen w/e it will probably happen later….

  8. sr24vlz Says:

    Some dude at said that maybe their time travelers didn’t go off and they haven’t woken up. Lol…. I still believe there’s an OTA, just not as of today or the coming months…. ill give it 4 months….
    Did anybody check out the forums?

  9. b-easy Says:

    someone on said that “hiptop3 said that the batteries were the supprise”.. well if thats the case the could someone please point me in the right direction on where to find that because i dont see it. lol

  10. armobater Says:

  11. Sidekick3 Tips » Sidekick3! Says:

    […] Sidekick 3 Batteries […]

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