Sidekick 3 device code-name

This just in, the internal codename for the next generation Sidekick 3 is “CR” as in “Danger CR”. Just like the Danger Sidekick II’s codename was “M1”, we’re amazed at the creativity involved. 🙂 Our source unfortunately did not know what the CR stood for, as he had overheard it in a conversation with Danger developers.

5 Responses to “Sidekick 3 device code-name”

  1. Sidekick Doctor Says:

    It actually will be branded Hiptop3/Sidekick3 for launch. But as of now, the hardware/software developers at Danger’s R&D dpartment are code naming the latest device M2-Revolution, or PV-200.

  2. Gus Says:

    I work for hiptop and no that is not the sidekick 3 in the pictures above the sidekick 3 is much smaller with more features than listed the other phones are mear cosmetic changes 2 the sidekick 2

  3. jffhjfh Says:


  4. guichard casimir Says:

    i wan’t to unloked my sidekick t-mobil my nam is casimir guichard
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  5. alicia tererro Says:

    Ugh I hate stupid plL uhm yeah anyways this didn’t heLp me at alL

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