Sidekick 3 erasing your credit cards?

Anyone that’s traveled with a Sidekick II knows not to put it in the same pocket as a hotel key card. Otherwise you’ll find yourself at the front desk asking for a new one as it will wipe out the info on it. The Internet Patrol is reporting that the Sidekick 3’s magnet may be strong enough to wipe out a credit card! The magnet is really strong, but strong enough to kill a credit card? We faintly remember an episode of Mythbusters where they had a heck of a time wiping a credit card with a normal magnet. However we have heard of the Sidekick wiping out BART cards too. Who knows. Anyone willing to do some more testing?

On the health side of things, we have heard that the Sidekick 3’s magnet relieves pain, improves circulation, reduce swellings, minimize stiffnesss, and increases overall performance. Taken as a whole, these seem to be conflicting reasons as to whether or not you should carry it in your front pocket.

8 Responses to “Sidekick 3 erasing your credit cards?”

  1. Toyakon Says:

    Wow thats pretty interesting…

    FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, im not sure if this one is all to true, i had my sidekick weith me on vacation right after i got it, and i made s8ure to always keep my hotel key on the clip side of my protective case that came with my sk3. I had no trouble with it.

  2. Toyakon Says:

    Sorry that was not an that understandable,

    Anyways, I am not sure this one is all that true. I had my sidekick 3 with me when i went on vactaion right after i had recieved it. I made sure not to lose my hotel key card by clipping it to my sidekick 3 protective carrying case(same with what I do with my money) I had no problems with the key card reacting with my door.

    Again, sorry about that.

  3. orlandoxx69 Says:

    its ok

  4. b-easy Says:

    ugh oh.. ill have to check.. lol… my credit card was stuck to it… ill go to the atm later and see.. n blame it on the atm if it doesnt work.. lol…

  5. superdj1 Says:

    sidekcik 2, web browser, sms, aim, yahoo, msm, aol mail, full qwerty keyboard and coat hanger!! lol dam that thing is strong

  6. superdj1 Says:

    dam they erased the html

    w.e. it works as a coat hanger

  7. b-easy Says:



    i know from experience that the sidekick 2 had the capabilities to erase info from a credit card and hotel room card….i was waiting in line to get my xbox 360 last year, and i had my credit card in the same pocket as my sidekick 2, and when i got to the cashier, the credit card was eraased….and when i was in mexico, my card constantly was getting erased by my phone…i dont know if the sk3 has the same capabiliy, but im sure it does if it can hold up kitchen utensils.

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