Sidekick 3 Launch Party?

We got an email from a reader that simply says:

Subject: Sidekick Launch party is at Plumm club in New York
Body: 2-3 weeks from now. A friend says he’s already been invited.

32 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Launch Party?”

  1. gambit808 Says:

    sidekick III is gonna be ish! am i first? who cares really. launch already? thats gonna be freakin crazy!

  2. Anon Says:

    it won’t happen! don’t fall for the propaganda shown on this site! it’s all fake!

  3. SidekickStar Says:

    tite tite
    i want the sk3 out now!

  4. Jay Says:

    SURE i bet. and were all invited!

  5. Jay Says:

    How can u have launch party if nobody know when launch is?

  6. Robert_DarkFall Says:

    Its all secret and stuff. Maybe its going to be a sidekick RAVE party? Hehehehe

    Have to know the password and the secret handshake to get all the details!

    Sheez the rumors just keep spilling in eh?

  7. Robert_DarkFall Says:

    I can’t wait as bad as most of you, but the rumors do nothing but cause more commotion and false hope. Lets try to confirm info before its posted can we? Give us something solid to hold onto.

  8. Blackout2005 Says:

    If anybody saw that crappy Jamie Kennedy Show “Blowin Up” on Tuesday on MTV. He had a sidekick III when he was in the car talking to his friend. You will probaley see it again cause you know how MTV plays the same thing over and over again.

  9. Cousin IT Says:

    You make Danger laugh.

  10. Administrator Says:

    hehe this site is all about rumors, we never promise that anything posted here is true, we just try to bring you what we hear and let you draw your own conclusions.

  11. nick Says:

    see i told you!!!! i said jamie kennedy already HAS an SKIII but did anyone listen? nooooooo…

  12. Kingpierce34 Says:

    I made the decision to stick with Verizon and splurge on the Motorola Q coming out next week…and i advise all of you to do the same…because its gonna roxorz your boxorz..

  13. yo Says:

    yeah this site is so lame…its sad…

  14. Brittany Says:

    Uhm wow. This is getting out of hand.

  15. yo Says:

    yeah I hate coming here..what a waist on a domain..what a waist of money!!

  16. HiptopperFan Says:

    Hey Ryan Watson,
    Send your information to and he will tell you if you information is correct.

  17. Anon Says:

    it’s fake! don’t be stupid, stupid!

  18. hippo3 Says:

    just go to the party and take pix. see if its real. call up the plumm and ask them. Plus you guys are so racist.

  19. Whatver Says:

    To the fake people.. Why would you act stupid and try to ruin this discussion forum? It’s so stupid how you’re trying to ruin an innocent website trying to distribute information to people who actually might care. Yes, It could be fake or what-not but still, Ruining the forum with useless spam is a little bit worthless don’t you think? Shouldn’t you spend your time elsewhere than trying to ruin this website?

  20. briankeith Says:

    for the real owner of this site. You need to take control of this issue. Your user base is concerned and not very happy with spamming like this. We like your site an continue to come despite the lack of control over the spam. Please meet us half way.

  21. SKdeuce Says:

    this is ridiculous why do celebrities get the sk3 before us

    F.U.C.K them i mean the get the phones for free

    we are all going to pay like 600 dollars for each one

    i mean yeah free advertisement when paris hilton has a sk but still wtf celebrities are such idiots

    honestly realize that they are losers they dont know what life is like

    money has gotten to their heads and its disgusting

    w.e i still say its real and is coming out watch

    give it till july the most and bam

    it will be sold

    im telling you i had a dream about it (i know its that bad) and i am telling you its coming i smell it.

  22. briankeith Says:

    i believe it is as well. too many sources (read rumors 🙂 pointing towards the same date. Late June to mid july. please dont be over $400 though 🙁 I have a ps3, and nintendo wii and hd-dvd player to buy all around the same time. Oh, and school. 🙁

  23. LinuxGold Says:

    Ryan, your “fancy” email doesn’t agree with me. The PM indicent with Appletech that you had doesn’t really exist, because that is not how he write in PM’s. Your letter clearly shows the indication that you did a lot of research based on leaked image of roadmap, Danger’s parnters and all that. Very nice scheme that you created there.

  24. LinuxGold Says:

    This website suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks, it’s seriously a waste of money…. is the owner like on vacation or something? Like where the F* is he

  25. Administrator Says:

    Yes, actually I was on vacation.. I’m currently looking into some solutions to deal with the idiots.

  26. nolatron Says:

    If there’s a launch party, it’ll probably be in L.A. again.

  27. AJ Says:

    if there is a launch party in NYC, i will definitley go there!


    I just hope that it comes out soon because the sk2 is soooo limited and out dated.

  29. Harrison Says:

    If there is any fucking launch party it better be in LA cause NYC sucks, la is the coolest place in the world! i love la! nyc is gay! la=so totally awesome! GO LA!!!

  30. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    I dont see why the launch would be held in NYC when LA is much more to celebrity style etc.

    Doesnt really line up, to me.

  31. FutrExec01 Says:

    hahaha, i think the rumor about having a “night vision” type effect for the new camera because of paris hiltons “performances” is hilarious…doubt its true but still…worth a good chuckle


    This Sidekick 3 launch party is True. It will be taking place at the Plumm on July 3rd at 10:30 p.m. Invitation only! You must be an executive employee to get invited. If you are, talk to your boss or are manager.

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