Sidekick 3 Manual

It’s not there yet, but Danger has a placeholder for the Sidekick 3 manual for the new operating system. And based on the date, it’s been there awhile. It looks like we’re going to jump from v2.3 on the Sidekick II to v3.0 on the Sidekick 3. No word on whether there will be an OTA for the Sidekick II yet, and we’d be willing to bet not since the changes in hardware seem to be significant.
The only thing the page says is:
This is a placeholder for the R3.0 Owner’s Manual contents page.
Sept 29 , 2005. Release 3.0 © 2002-2005. Danger, Inc. All rights reserved.

So don’t bother flooding Danger’s servers with clicks just yet.
Keep an eye on it here: (remove the “HT3”).

Just like with the Sidekick II, once this goes live we’ll finally get a chance to see what to expect when this finally releases in late June. Big thanks to our source for hooking us up with this info yesterday!

15 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Manual”

  1. frankzotynia10 Says:


    can’t wait for it

  2. Woahh Says:

    First to post :P, And Yay! More info on the SK3

  3. kathleen Says:

    Oh wow… Did I miss something? Was a late june release date announced?

  4. sprint-user Says:

    what is the word on the release date? i mean i have read june 3 july 3 and now its late june? btw my birthday is june 1st i want it to come out june 3rd for i can get it!!

  5. FutrExec01 Says:

    lol it definitely wont be out for sale by june 3rd, it will most likely be advertised for a week or two, maybe even a month before its released..but then again t-mobile and danger are really messin this whole promotion thing up, they need to release it and get it over with…its getting to be less and less of a big deal as people keep seeing all these bogus reviews and such

  6. CJDynasty Says:

    Im hearing June 26th as the release date. I hope this is true as I am trying to have one of these. Anyone know or have any idea of a solid price range for this? I keep hearing the same price as the SK2, but I know that they do a lot of promotional pricing and such. Im guessing/hoping that the price will be between 299-349 with the 1 yr contract.

  7. paige Says:

    futrexec01, you definitely have a point. i’m tired of this shit. t-mobile KNOWS all these rumors. they probably have someone checking the site every hour. so why don’t they say something about it?if it’s really being realeased in a month they should start advertising or no one is going to buy it.


    american idol has came and went still no sk3.(taylor hicks won btw)*slaps myself*

  9. FutrExec01 Says:

    there was NO way cingular was lettin t-mobile grab the limelite for that show..especially during the finale

    i say keep your eye out for it during the NBA playoffs…thats actually sponsored by tmobile

  10. SDWolf Says:

    Like I posted elsewhere, T-Mobile and Danger have done NOTHING to promote the SK3. If anything, they’ve actively discouraged discussion about it (hence, all the deleted posts and topics at

    WE’RE the ones generating the hype, not them. WE’RE the ones with the rumors and theories and photos and made-up release dates. Aside from the FCC photos and documents (which are just government procedure), neither T-Mobile nor Danger have told us ANYTHING about the device, so we really can’t blame them for all this.

    That said, I still have a theory that much of what was leaked was intentionally leaked for the purposes of generating rumors and hype, but it’s just a theory. There’s no proof that’s what they’re doing.

  11. SidekickStar330 Says:

    ^^ i agree
    i kinda feel like a guinea pig…its like there all just watching us and laughing and saying “wut idiots, theres no SK3!”

  12. FutrExec01 Says:

    haha, that would be cold…they are, with out a doubt watching us though!

  13. Adam716 Says:

    Maybe if we compliin and bitch enough about certain things…they’ll recall it and add features.

  14. beachbabenat Says:

    argg…sk3 where are u!! i just got my sk2 stolen..hopefully theyll do a reasonably priced upgrade..

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