Sidekick 3 Promo materials and Release date

Ok, so we have heard all sorts of release date rumors. Everything from April to never. We received an email from a reader today with the following info:

Hello, my name is [NAME REMOVED] and I work for the T-Mobile on [STREET REMOVED], in Los Angeles, California. My Outlet Division ID is [REMOVED]. You can confirm my status as Manager at our outlet by calling T-Mobile at 1-800-937-8997, asking our automated support for Customer Service, and ask them to verify [NAME REMOVED] for store [REMOVED] on [STREET REMOVED] REP ID: [REMOVED].

I have news for you on the T-Mobile Hiptop Sidekick III. We recently received word that publication and publicity materials (i.e. promotional posters, cardboard cutouts) will be shipped to our stores on the 17th of June, and the Hiptop Sidekick III’s will be shipped (prior to delivery clearance) on the 3rd of July. I haven’t contacted our delivery service yet, but I suspect that we will be ordering 200 devices within the month of their release.

July 3rd is the Sidekick III’s official release date, and you have my written consent to publish this information on, excluding my REP ID, I don’t want to get fired ;).

We have currently received documentation on price ranges and new plans offered by Telekom-Mobile, but that information is yet to be confirmed.

Thank you for your time,


Another rumor? Maybe some truth? We’ll let you make the call until we find out more info. Here’s what we’ve found:
– The email address this was sent from is listed as the contact for a company that designs and builds playground equipment in Ontario, Canada.
– The street listed is actually in a neighboring city to LA.
– We called the only TMobile store on that street and asked for what we thought was a her, and were told “he” was out to lunch and should be back in 30 minutes.
– Outlet Division IDs are an unknown term for the people in the know that we’ve asked.
– More info to come hopefully….

18 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Promo materials and Release date”

  1. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    God I am so excited. Ungh.

    Please just be out already thanks

  2. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    oh and PS I WAS FIRST YAY 😀 ahaha

  3. AJ Says:

    i am second. damn. ha


    damn july I can’t wait that long ????? need it now. (o yea I’m third)

  5. T-mobile Says:

    I work for T-mobile aswell, on 170 Broadway, New York City.. we have also received information on Promo materials for the SK3. We were told June 4th, not 3rd, but it could vary from State to State.

  6. Woahh Says:

    Wait T-mobile.. You mean July right? =)

  7. Ya Boy B Says:

    man this is great, i hope it comes out the summer because my contract is up and june and i wanna renew when this comes out and i dont wanna have to wait. I have the sidekick 2 right now…

  8. SidekickStar330 Says:

    hmm interesting…not july!! i want it to be released in June! grr at least were egtting new info soon

  9. OREN Says:

    dooood this is orgasmic

    but why couldnt you specify a price so i can start saving up

    i sold my sidekick 2 on ebay for 290 yeah i know some retard from texas haha

    so now i basically have 300 hopefully i wont need too much more cuz that would SUCK

  10. FutrExec01 Says:

    “t-mobile” what information did you receive?

  11. KoryHutchinson Says:

    T-Mobile you said June 4th not June 3rd for promos? Or did u mean July 4th not 3rd….anyway I just realized Meagan Good was invited to the Sidekick 2 Launch Party and I’m friends with her so I’m gonna ask her if she heard about a Sidekick 3 Release Party yet….ill let yall know

  12. lokpaso Says:

    Whoever received this info should ask to see the official letter/fax/email from TMobile. Until something official turns up, these are all just rumors, no matter how many times you say you work for “Telekom Mobile”.

  13. i_hate_you Says:

    I have 2 agree with Lokpaso. Whoeva sent that should give u a copy of the letter its not like he has anything to lose he give u all his info already

  14. MalO Says:

    Ahhh…..dnt noe wha number I am….I jus hope this aint fake….I hope it reall….I wanna get tha SDK3 soo badd!!

  15. TheRealLinuxGold Says:

    That letter is obviously fake, targeted for this site. A normal email would not include this web site and an employee wouldn’t violate NDA either. The only thing that’s offical to me is to visit, click on “press release” and reload it everyday. If it is announced, then I’m gonna order it right away.

  16. T-mobile Says:

    CC/12x12p ITEM:055261812 [BD: TMO black pink]
    CP/16x12pback ITEM: 055382733 [no BD]
    CP/20x20cback ITEM: This item is not yet listed. Check 06/06 Listings for more information.

    This (promo) material is now available for outsource delivery beginning JUNE 06 06. Please select delivery carrier by custom to your division’s preference.

    – This was printed at the bottom of our outsource delivery sheet which we receive bimonthly. Let me explain it to you. UI/DANGER HIPTOP DATA DEVICE/PROMO – UI is a reference code to “new material” which is now available. DANGER HIPTOP DATA DEVICE, speaks for it’s self – but we usually would receive something similar with UI/DANGER HIPTOP SIDEKICK 2/PROMO, for the Sidekick 2. We are no longer ordering Sidekick 2 Promo materials. Because it simply says HIPTOP DATA DEVICE, we would assume that this would be the Sidekick 3’s promo material, as if it were the Sidekick 2 it would clearly state so, as well as the fact that the Sidekick 2 has been discontinued, we also have reason to believe that that the actual device will be available on the 3rd or 4th of July, which is probably what the other dealer/manager has come to believe.

  17. johnnycake Says:

    Deaf Pagers’ offical statement:

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