Sidekick 3 Promo Materials arrive

NYNY writes:

Our T-Mobile Outlet has received Promo Material for the Hiptop Sidekick III. I have
attatched pictures of a DEALER PREVIEW. Pictures were taken with my sidekick, did not have much
time. Thanks.

We’re calling “photoshop” on this one:
– There is no (R) next to Sidekick, and we know how much T-Mobile loves that branding
– The “m” in T-mobile is not capitalized
– No bottom margin on the text box, that’s just sloppy
– T-Mobile has never acknowledged Danger before and they mention the “Danger team” in the text box
– Is this a brochure? a flyer? what?
– Two white females in the picture? Looks like that would miss a large portion of the Sidekick’s market

Oh, and wondering where the girls came from? Our friend iPWNu found out:
OddCast Host Workshop
The RedHead
The other girl

18 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Promo Materials arrive”

  1. TheRealLinuxGold Says:

    Possibly photoshopped?

  2. Woahh Says:

    Lol.. Yes, Most likely

  3. AJ Says:

    ha ha ahahh ha ha.. 400 bucks jeez

  4. SDWolf Says:

    Obviously fake. Another giveaway is the Sidekick logo itself. As we’ve seen on every prototype so far, T-Mobile is marketing it as the “Sidekick 3” not the “Sidekick III.” No Roman numerals with the SK3, and T-Mobile is usually pretty consistant when it comes to details like that. Whoever did this just photoshopped an extra bar into the SK2 logo.

    Nice try, though.


    Yea it is kinda a sloppy photoshopped pic but I wish it was real lol

  6. LinuxGold Says:

    Haha, fake! PS. Theres a member on the forum with the name “TherealLinuxGold”, please pay no attention to this as he, or she, having no live, is fake.

  7. lokpaso Says:

    Why wouldn’t they use a III instead of 3? They use II on the back of the current one.

    Oh, and I have NEVER seen TMobile obstruct part of their logo in an ad

  8. heatonmyhip Says:

    obvious fake….dammit!
    I went to the mall today; apparently they know nothing of the SKIII/Hiptalk III coming to Canada so I’m getting quite annoyed.
    I hope it does make its way here but i guess it’s all about the demand

  9. LinuxGold Says:

    Hiptalk 3, huh? I think you mean Hiptop.

  10. OMG give it up thers no sk3 Says:

    okkkkkkk for starters i highly doubt the sidekick 3 is even comming out soon and if it is all these photos deff. are NOT the sidekick because 1. there are no red and green phone buttins on it and 2 in all the pictures the screen isnt even centered. my guess is its some picture of the original sidekick 2… a psp.. and some crapy japaneese phones keyboard all photoshoed together.if tmobile is working on the sidekick 3 then they are keeping it top secreate all these pictures are just fakeeeeeee…. if they really are stoping the sales on sidekik 2’s then they would of lowered the prices wayy down.. its been cheaper than it is now at one time. the sidekicks are still selling extrmemly well at my mall so i dont know why people think there discontinued… just enjoy your sidekick 2 and stop bitching and making up lies about the sidekick 3 .. if it even is coming out this year (which i highly doubt) im guessing xmas time but.. i would put a safe bet on early 2007 kids.

  11. FutrExec01 Says:

    is that for real? the SK3 IS an option on the dropdown list…??

  12. TheRealLinuxGold Says:

    LinuxGold, you beat me into registration game. I own LinuxGold on hiptop, howardforums, AllDeaf, AIM and the original one that referred promo picture. Call me fake all you want, I will just give you the blue ribbon to make you happy. Happy now?

    FutrExec01: Yup, it’s legit. A true sign of upcoming release.

    Hopefully sidekick III will come with video, it will be a GREAT plus for us deafies. “Sign Mail” similiar to “Voice Mail” is our biggest dream.

  13. CJ Says:

    jeez, stupid people trying to fool us. shameful

  14. lokpaso Says:

    lol FutrExec01 , the phone isnt out yet, but you can get it insured

  15. heatonmyhip Says:

    hiptop….my bad.

  16. Prophylactic Says:

    Alright one at a time…
    To whomever wrote this post,if what i understand your saying is that TMobile does not capitalize the “M”..then for someone who has made a site completely dedicated to TMobile’s Sidekick 3 release, you must be either blind,or a moron.If you do have a sidekick 2 take a very quick look at the top right of your screen and be amazed. The accused photoshopper got that one right.

    To the poster “OMG give it up thers no sk3”, if you take a nice look at one of the various pics that have leaked of the sidekick 3,you can see that there are in fact the green call answer and red call end buttons above and below the scroll ball…and maybe you’re cock eyed or something but that screen looks completely centered..

    But i have nothing to say about fake news or whether that even is the sidekick 3,which im sure it is..but when it does come out all of our questions will be answered.Be Patient Friends.

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