Sidekick 3 Razr sighting?

It’s 2007, 3 months away from June. If TMobile is on track with the (seemingly more and more confirmed) roadmap, then we wouldn’t be surprised to see a prototype Sidekick NG, aka Sidekick 3 RAZR, out in the field. “Moonrock” wrote us today to tell us that she may have seen one. She was on a ferry, coming into Seattle (near Bellevue, WA which is TMobile headquarters!) when she saw what she thought was a black Sidekick 3 at first. She writes “I saw two girls leaving the ferry, one had a sk3, the other looked like it was just a black sk3, then I was trying to get a better look cause I realized there ISNT a black sk3 and realized it was a sk looking device that was super small.” She says it was “black, small, looked like the drawing.” We asked her if she might have mistaken it for a Diane Von Furstenberg Limited Edition, and she said that it wasn’t, because “it was very small.” Unfortunately she didn’t get any pictures and didn’t bother the girl with the device for more details, but says she will keep an eye out for it. We’ll let you know if we hear anything else of course.

3 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Razr sighting?”

  1. SomeGuy Says:

    Could it have been the PV-150? That sounds a bit more likely than the next generation device. There’s only another month before the short term confidentiality period is up for the FCC documents (unless they extend it again). If that’s close to launch time for whatever the PV-150 is, it would make sense that some T-Mobile folks would have the device about now.

  2. Ya Boy B Says:

    I’m glad i got a one year contract, so hopefully in June i will have it if the prophecy is true.

  3. s4xton Says:

    Roadmap talks about UMA, and it hasn’t happened and anyone could have guessed that they’d do SK3 limited editions as they did it with the SK2.

    SomeGuy – I agree: I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the PV-150, which isn’t on the roadmap at all.

    Ya Boy B – If you renew your contract there is no penalty.

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