Sidekick 3 Skins

Now that everyone and their brother is getting a Sidekick 3, it’s time to customize yours! Skins for the Sidekick 3 are already out on the market. If you are or know someone that’s making skins, cases, accessories, etc for the Sidekick 3, drop us an email at Here are some skins we found on Amazon:

16 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Skins”

  1. anthonyjta Says:

    that Scarface skin is bangin… I refuse to say “first”… so there

  2. bapesta16 Says:

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    he said it works.

  3. bapesta16 Says:

    the kickin it guy said the mp3 thing works. has anyone else tried it?

  4. R Kritikal Says:

    thats too much work to get a damn mp3 as a ringtone

  5. orlandoxx69 Says:

    if u go to it says coming soooon hgo check it out it is reserved it says u gotta seee it it says comin soooon but no pics or nothin

  6. MiKeY SiDeKiCk Says:

    i was thinking about getting the scarface 1 but is it rele worth 50$ i mean thats kinda alot for gel lol

  7. MiKeY SiDeKiCk Says:

    does any 1 know about the faceplates im about 99% sure there gunna come out im guessing mayb thats what the august 11th date is set for possibly? any 1 know?

  8. b-easy Says: has a good selection.. they can do anything

  9. KoryHutchinson Says:

    Quick question….on the gel skin section that goes around the screen does it have a clearcoat that goes across and covers the screen as well or is it just the border cuz I wanna get some protective sh!t cuz I scratched my sk2 badly and I’m not tryna fukk this up

  10. citrinebaby05 Says:

    hey, a while back (probably about 2 weeks before the sk3 was released) i had emailed the guys at…. they make skinz and stuff for the sk2 and other kinds of phones.. anywho, i emailed them and asked if there would be any for the sk3 and the response i got back said yeah they’re designing sk3 items soon. i doubt their skinz are gonna cost around $50 cuz that’s nuts!

  11. R Kritikal Says:

    $50 is rediculous

  12. igotswag Says:

    im trying to send a message so i can show my sidekick skin and where i got it from.. but i cant

  13. voight Says:

    my god these are horrid. why can’t they make a solid black, or solid color? I don’t really want a “SEXY KICKIN HELLA SKIN YO”

  14. b-easy Says:

    well if u go to they can make 1 black or necolor.. or ne pic on it.. anything you want they can do

  15. b-easy Says:

    BUT DONT GET TEH BASIK SKINZ line FROM THERE.. i did and its dumb.. it looks cheap and i could make it for like 3.00.. instead of wasteing 28.00… but i had a gel 1 for my SK2 and it was good.

  16. jsmortman Says:

    Check Out this place They have cool Sidekick 3 Skins made from Swarovski Crystals.

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