Sidekick 3 Upgrade Begins!

It’s finally here. For all those current Sidekick owners, now is your first chance to upgrade to the Sidekick 3! Jump onto and login, click Phones & Accessories, and then Upgrade Your Phone on the right side of the page. You’ll have to click to the Handhelds tab, and then you should see a Sidekick 3 option! Alternatively, you can call up Customer Care at 611 from your current phone and they’ll help you out.

11:03pm Central – We ordered ours, how about you? 🙂
Contract Extension options:

Order Confirmation Page:

More coverage of the Upgrade Excitement:
No Contract extension for $349??
Report from the field in Santa Monica
..and for the latest up-to-date news, just hit the front page

44 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Upgrade Begins!”

  1. Phate Says:

    I suppose I could put something like “first comment” here. But I’ll resist that asinine urge.

    Yesss :)… even though I won’t be getting it. 🙁

  2. Ya Boy B Says:

    oh my damn god…its 350!!!!

  3. qver Says:

    Got mine all ordered. Express UPS shipping. Mine was $350, as well. Gak, but … MUST! HAVE! NEW! TOY!

  4. Phate Says:

    Good to see it out, just wish it were a bit cheaper, heh.

  5. bobby9812 Says:

    I gottt it!!!! 12:02 USE ONLINE, FAST AS HELL!!!

  6. youngeurow Says:

    I don’t qualify for the upgrade but I do for the two year agreement so I’m on hold now *sigh*

  7. youngeurow Says:

    Its only$299 for me

  8. CJDynasty Says:

    Sucks that I have to wait until July 10th, but oh well. I had a chance to mess around with one today. It doesnt perform that much better than the II, but hey, its all new to me anyways so Ill be copping. PS. The track ball is probably the best part about the phone.

  9. sk3owner Says:

    i got mine online, i was online and on the phone at the same time…..the lady said she had to do a manual write up, i didnt wanna take the chance, i ordered online 299 🙂

  10. terryjohnson16 Says:

    youngeurow on June 27, 2006 at 10:09 pm said:

    Its only$299 for me

    Did you do the commitment for 2 years? I chose the $350 price without the contract. It didn’t even mention 2 year contract.

  11. mikeHUNT_SEXMACHINE Says:

    im on hold, imma try and get it for lower over the phone becaus emy dad said its tooo much..btu imma beg him to get it for 318

  12. fuu Says:

    I ordered mine via Customer Service, the rep was killing time or something for 15 minutes until she finally accessed the SK3 on her computer. And she extended my contract for 2 years and express delivery. It took like 15 minutes all together.
    I was on the computer aswell, but after the SSN confirmation page the site was stuck and didnt take me to the confirmation page, but at the same time the rep was like I’ll do it for you. ahhaha

  13. mikeHUNT_SEXMACHINE Says:

    FUU how did you pay??? over the phone?

  14. mikeHUNT_SEXMACHINE Says:

    im still on hold imma bout to stab myself..i just wanna clcik submit my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my dad will kill me!

  15. GreekPharoah Says:

    Anybody at the Madison Ave location in NYC now? I’m kinda nervous about the “crowd”. If any one is there now, wanna update us on whats going on?

    The blog spot site claims to have taken pictures of the forming crowd outside of the store. I dunno if he took the pics or not (why would’nt he be on line himself if he was in NY?) but those people do look like NYers.

    I knew I shoulda camped out there tonight…anyway, see you in a few hours…

  16. phguap Says:

    do they charge it to ur tmo bill or directly to ur credit?

  17. sidekick3r Says:

    they took the upgrades down

  18. sk3owner Says:

    T Mo Billl

  19. Andy Says:

    I didn’t read how to get the UPS code to see the status of my order. Can someone tell me please?

  20. sidekick3r Says:

    fuk the page went down in 3 minutes

  21. phguap Says:

    are u positive sk3owner? if so, thats great news for me

  22. bobby9812 Says:

    yes definitely tmo bill

  23. Ya Boy B Says:

    lol…u type in your phone number to get the status of your order that’s what i read…

  24. fdpkid Says:

    Lets talk about hell… The site wouldnt let me upgrade and the first person i spoke to couldnt help me and kept telling me that the phone WONT BE AVAILABLE TIL IT REACHES 12 AM PACIFIC TIME!!! I called right back and got the manager from a different office and he told me I was the first computer order to go through…. I am on the roll!!!!

    Use your 10 digit mobile number… But that will not become active untill they ship the order out.

  25. sk3owner Says:

    ya 100% positive, thats what they did for me….it wasnt even an option

  26. Faufrey Says:

    haha they check what time youre from if you call. the computer wontlet you get it if youre not in a 12:00 area.. horay for me and my eastcoastness. two year contract with fed ex air . $299 for phone, $15 for shipping $15 for taxes. ive only been with them for 2 months and they let me upgrade the contract whoohooo!!!!

  27. hogman Says:

    Hmm. I ordered one at 9pm PST on the west coast without a problem.

  28. phguap Says:

    thanks alot, 611 also confirmed it. i just needa know when they bill it so im good

  29. fuu Says:

    Faufrey on June 27, 2006 at 10:35 pm said:

    haha they check what time youre from if you call. the computer wontlet you get it if youre not in a 12:00 area.. horay for me and my eastcoastness. two year contract with fed ex air . $299 for phone, $15 for shipping $15 for taxes. ive only been with them for 2 months and they let me upgrade the contract whoohooo!!!!

    I called from the West Coast at 8:59 and the Rep didn’t care.
    Also I accessed the site to order it also, but the site was acting up, so the rep did it for me.

  30. sidekick3r Says:

    im stuck on the send order page 🙁

  31. phguap Says:

    ordered mine! i suggest doin it on the phone, way easier. Just put ur phone on speakerphone and wait, and u can ask all the questions and take ur time. i ordered express came out to $341.73 for 2 yr express.

  32. sidekick3r Says:

    just oredered mine online ups expres it took me a while

  33. fourplay3142 Says:

    Does it have to be completely paid off by the end of the billing cycle or can is span multiple cycles

  34. phguap Says:

    completely paid

  35. FadedSeptember Says:

    Anyone else on the order confirmation page have it say mail in rebate and then free? What does this mean?

  36. jre25 Says:

    I got mine!!!!! I even called up to make sure everythin was cool n all… and tha 611 dude told me that I was ONE OF THA 1ST ONES TO PLACE AN UPGRADE!!

  37. awifsg Says:

    I’m @ the Madison Ave store right now….about 50 to 80 people are in line waiting….there is a guy (Tom) from Danger taking pictures of the crowd. They will put the pics up on

  38. TEH WiN MONA Says:

    im suprised tmobile didnt charge us like $500 bucks for the sk3. you know ppl are crazy these days….we’ll we payed almost $350-$400 for a phone….man….ahaha =X its worth it!

  39. danman Says:

    does anyone know how to upgrade if you have a dealer line, my brother works for the corporate offices in az and im going to be working there next week and im under a dealer line, you would think i would have an edge over everyone but im about 3 steps behind. if anyone else has a dealer line and they upgraded i would love to hear how they did it

  40. RainHerself Says:

    I’m upgrading from my pink razr and I can’t flippin wait to get my hands on this damn thing!!! express shipping, baby!

    Question: Am I going to get all my ringtones back???

  41. citrinebaby05 Says:

    does anybody know if you can change your contracts length of time? i upgraded to the sk3 w/ a 2yr contract but now im having second thoughts and wished i stuck with a 1yr contract :-/

  42. xfatxcarlosx Says:

    i did a 1 year with fast shippin and all all taxes and it came out to 385 added to my august bill. so i have 5 weeks to get the money which is amazing they were working with everyone and i talked with the rep for like 30 mins.

  43. willayy2323 Says:

    mine was 50$

  44. Anonymous Says:

    my sidekick is awesome! just got the stinken fone yesterday and how u upgrade

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