Sidekick 3 vs iPhone

sidekick 3 vs iphone

Looks like this eBay user is going with the Sidekick 3 since he’s sellng iPhones on eBay with his Sidekick 3 visible in the background. Not sure why the auctions are up over $700 and $900 when you can still get the iPhones in the stores.

thanks to DJBattery for spotting this one

16 Responses to “Sidekick 3 vs iPhone”

  1. Abercrombieboy Says:

    Well hes not selling real iphones since the box looks nothing like that for the iphone. He would def go with the iphone if he had real ones… I did!

  2. Brandon Says:

    Winning bid: US $1,125.00

  3. SomeGuy Says:

    Reasons I won’t even bother with the iPhone (as it stands now):
    1) No IM.
    2) No SSH client.
    3) Browser isn’t much better on the iPhone than the SK. Yes, you heard me right. Both view regular HTML pages and all that. Neither supports flash, java applets, etc. iPhone does seem to allow for a richer set of javascript stuff for “Web 2.0” type applications but honestly, when I’m viewing a webpage on a small screen I just want to easily read the page I’m looking at. With the iPhone you have to do a lot of zooming in and out and horizontal scrolling just to read a page. Sure seeing the whole page “as intended” is a neat bit of eye candy at first but from a practicality standpoint, I prefer the page resizing to fit on the screen that the SK does.
    4) No third party apps (Sure, you can’t put anything you want on the SK but you have to admit that the SK catalog is getting pretty full these days. Plus if the iPhone ever DOES allow third party apps, you know it will be a similar model to how the SK works).
    4) Cost. My monthly bills are much lower than what the lest expensive iPhone plan is and that’s not to mention the cost of the iPhone itself. Not for me.

    Some things I think I would probably hate but would have to give it a week long try first:
    1) The touchscreen keyboard compared to the very usable and real sidekick keyboard. I have big fingers. I like the tactile keyboard. If I was switching from, say, a blackberry or treo with the tiny keyboards they have, then it might be a different story but so far nothing out there can beat the sidekick’s keyboard as far as I’m concerned.
    2) I’d debate whether or not the iPhone’s UI is any easy to use than the sidekick’s. I can’t imagine anything more easy to use than the sidekick UI. The only “benefit” the iPhone has is that is has a touchscreen. I hate touchscreens.
    3) Speaking of touchscreens, I also hate smudges. Sounds like the iPhone is pretty scratch resistent so that’s a good thing but smudges can be quite an annoyance and darn near impossible to avoid if you have to be touching the screen all the time just to use it.

    I really can’t see the iPhone and Sidekick in the same market. As a music/video player, the iPhone wins hands down. As a phone, I can’t imagine calling either one better than the other. As an internet device and especially an internet communication device, the sidekick wins hands down. The lack of IM seriously hurts the iPhone in this regard, the lack of physical keyboard probably does as well (at least compared to the large, usably, sidekick keyboard). Finally, I can’t see them reaching the same market. The sidekick targets the mass consumer and especially the young adult and teen crowds. With a 2 year contract (same as the iPhone), the SK3 is $200 and the SKID is $100. The plans are cheaper (well, depending on how much voice you need and all, I suppose). The iPhone is targeted as consumers rather than business, yes, but at the price point they have set it’s only going to be the hgiher end and/or tech savvy gadget lover and/orr apple fanboy markets. Few of the people in those markets probably have kept their sidekicks for very long before jumping to the next device or they would be jumping to anything Apple put out regardless of its features, etc.

    If I wanted a new iPod (and didn’t care about the 4GB/8GB limitations of the iPhone compared to some of the other iPods) and didn’t care so much about the internet communication side of things or about some of the useful and/or fun third party apps available from the Catalog (especially things like Terminal), I’d probably give the iPhone a good look over (even though I couldn’t afford it right now) and might even consider it. But for now, there’s still nothing that quite beats the sidekick for what I need (an all around communication device that has a great keyboard, pretty decent browser and some fun apps and games to pass the time with when in a waiting room or something).

  4. Dave Kaufman - Techlife Says:

    I am really laughing hard at this….back in January 2007, my friend created an iPhone Papercraft unboxing. This guy has had all the hiptops since launch. I wrote about it in my syndicated column/blog and people laughed. (Since who could have an iPhone in January!?)

    So the person who’s Ebay auction this is, was dumb enough to swipe this photo which everyone noted was wrong.

    Sadly my friend in this photo did get an iPhone and is possibly leaving his SK3.

  5. sam Says:

    This is sad…I have been a loyal user of the sidekicks and up until the 3 i thought they were the best phones in the world. I have to say though the sidekick 3 ruined all that loyalty What a $300 piece of $&#*. I cannot believe you think the iPhone is worse as a web browser and a phone. Have you ever even used it? It is the most sophisticated piece of mouth watering technology i have ever laid my hands on and makes the sidekick 3 look like a child’s play phone. As for the phone, it is the most elegant combination of Mac OSX and cellular functionality. It far surppasses my freezing, crashing sidekick which could not load a page i could read without me scrolling over it three times to find what i was looking for. Now for the keyboard. I do admit that within the first 5 minutes the keyboard may pose a bit of a challenge for a dyslexic 5 year old with fingers the size of twinkies, but any able bodied individual who is not suffering from morbid obesity will quickly get the hang of an intelligent keyboard that actually learns that way you type. I mean honestly I know you love your sidekick but when something better comes along you gotta admit defeat.

  6. Dominica Says:

    This guy ripped off and probably is gonna scam someone as most people who can’t post actual pictures of the item do. Much to eBay’s commendment they are taking precautions on iPhone sales on the site: the seller must use PayPal as a method of payment (although its easy to be scammed by someone even using PayPal, trust me I know first hand) and they are also requiring sellers to take pictures of the iPhone or iPhones they have with there eBay user ID in the picture, if they have more than one they are required to take a picture of all of them together. Anyone not meeting these reqs gets their auction pulled first time and after that they get their username suspended. I will agree with Sam though, anyone who has had an iPhone in their hands wouldn’t down it. Keyboard is a breeze to use, infact its not really different than a SK3s keyoard except for the fact its virtual. The only down falls though are that I can’t put my own ringtones on there but that’s not a big deal for me. I wouldn’t give up my sidekick because its what I’m used to but it has definitely taken a back seat to my iPhone unless I get an IM maybe when the Zante comes out they can be equally loved lol. And seriously people stop complaining about the GB limitations on the iPhone compared to other iPods. None of you can probably say that you’ve actually used all 30, 60 or 80GB of your iPods. I’ve barely used 4GB on my 80GB and I know tons of songs.

  7. nsfhfgnh Says:

    the sidekick is the bect phone ever 4get the iphone

  8. JusTiN Says:

    The iPhone does has IM applications, and the webpages are much easier to read and navigate in comparison to the sidekick. And a little sidenote to the person above me, check your grammer before making ignorant comments.

  9. Cisco 508 Says:

    Ok do I’m on a I touch right now 3rd gen and I gotta say that typing us easy but I rather type on a SK, the I phone I touch has over 68K apps both fee and ones you can buy ranging from .99 cents to 350 crazy dollars wow uh? Well I just don’t like that there ain’t no 3rd party so speaking app wise ? I touch def has em , navigating the SK hat it all that way and short cuts are crazy too mad easv to remember while on the other hand I touch navigation might become a problem when you have 15 pages to srollto fro
    ur left to ur right to look for a app. But I think I’m gettin me a SK LX To y hawk and I think will be a good trade? I had this I touch 8G 3gen for the past 5 months and I’m always looking to download shit on it and I really want a Devi e todo more den just down apps so I don’t know I will say I touch I phones are good but not that good and yes when we fo talk SK vs I phone or touch YES you def can compare both to what ur needs are and find out that you will preffer a sk for looks style easy grip and nav thru apps den a skinny ass I touch and slipery and the finger print thing uhhh hell no ! That just killed it not to mention the price on the plans OMB I’m all set with My new SKLX

  10. Cisco 508 Says:

    And by the way hit me up for any side topic about tech love the convo cisco1346 is my yahoo msngr

  11. Cisco 508 Says:

    And IMF I forgot about the t9 txt on the I touch omg if you type fast like me you will notice that the phone is not fast enought catch up to your type per min sorta say and on top of it after u done typing make sure you read what you wrote cuz chances are that the t9 txt fuck up ur hole MSG up by predicting completly nothing of what you thought you was acrualy writting uhh and might acrualy mis spell ur words up too while the sk you know what ur acrualy touching cuz you feel it

  12. iphone@ndsidekick Says:

    for me, i have the iphone rite now but i really am thinking about giving it up for a sidekick. The iphone is really a good phone except for its crashes on applications. And i am a texter and the sidekick has a better keyboard to work with, so i really dont know, its tough.

  13. sklover Says:

    cisco1346 is wack. your a retard, shut the fuck up u spik.

  14. sklover Says:

    re- tard **

  15. somegirl Says:

    i have the i phone but the sk looks soo much better you no lower price and i like to txt up side!! i dont really call people soo no big on that plz leave a comment to tell me wich is better for a teen my daughter wants ont wich is better for a teen!!!!!

  16. mike Says:

    the sidekick 2008 is the best sidekick of all small handy and easy to text best phone by far from t mobile

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