Sidekick 3 with GPS?

Sidekick GPS CSR

Before you get all excited, chances are this is just someone with Photoshop that got told “Hey, I need a phone that looks like it has GPS on it” by their boss, so they whipped something up. But we can’t help wonder why the model in the photo accompanying this article is holding the Sidekick 3 so oddly. Then again she is in a mall, and why would you need GPS (let alone being to get a signal) when you’re looking for a new pair of shoes? Regardless, there have been bits and pieces about GPS getting incorporated into a future Sidekick in some way for awhile. Remember that old job posting? From a technical standpoint it would probably be possible to interface a Sidekick with a Bluetooth GPS as it stands now, it would just be a matter of getting a mapping solution on the Sidekick that’s powerful enough. Maybe with Apple’s new iPhone 3G, Danger Microsoft will have some motivation to upgrade some of the hardware capabilities of the Sidekick to keep up with the location-aware mobile computing that is bound to happen in the very near future.

7 Responses to “Sidekick 3 with GPS?”

  1. eddieskankface Says:

    But on a sidekick 3?
    IF it was a future program, would they use an old model to test it?

    It’s probably just a picture someone made. Would be cool, but, is it needed?

  2. Bearmon Says:

    I really hope they will have GPS with sidekick LX because sidekick lx have Bluetooth and it can be done with Bluetooth GPS, is it ? I hope so.

  3. lc Says:

    nothing to do with the sk3 or this post, just wanted to give the heads up that the new sk gekko/2008 (which is just mentioned as ‘phone’ in the magazine) was featured in nylon magazine with a price tag of $149 with two year contract. hope this helps all of you who were asking about pricing. at least this is a start!

  4. niciarsen Says:

    It also kind of looks like she’s using the screen as a touch screen because she’s holding the phone awkwardly. I doubt it’s real.

  5. T0626N Says:

    Wicked cool, too bad its probably fake. I still have the SK3 so this would be a very welcome feature 🙂

  6. Brishawnna Says:

    so fake.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    yea i have to locate my nuts sometines cause my girlfriend thinks she runs the show and if i can do that with a gps for my awsome sidekick oh my god that would be great i can locate my nuts and tell her no bitch pay your own dam credid card bill

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