Sidekick 4 aka the Sidekick Shuriken

Hiptop Shuriken, Sidekick 4

We got a tip from a reader about the Sidekick 4. It’s named the Sidekick Shuriken and measures 130 x 61 x 17.9mm (a smidge longer than the Sidekick 3, but thinner), with a 3 inch widescreen LCD (bigger than previous devices), a 1.3mp camera, and uses MicroSD. Unlike the Sidekick Slide, it will be produced by Sharp, like the older devices. We’re guessing the “Shuriken” is an internal name for the Hiptop device, and that this is probably what will end up being the Sidekick LX.

Rumor has it that it will be available first in the US, and then in Australia. Based on the screen cap of a leaked excel spreadsheet, it looks like it’s also geared towards a release in Germany and possibly the UK, which is expected. No word on pricing yet though. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out more. What do you guys think? Sticking with a Sidekick 3? Going for a smaller Sidekick Slide? Or drooling over a large screen Sidekick 4?

13 Responses to “Sidekick 4 aka the Sidekick Shuriken”

  1. mistergoodman Says:

    Hmm… a bigger screen than the Slide (which is supposed to be 2.4 inches), but it may have the same 320 × 240 screen resolution (higher than current Sidekicks). Other than that, the Shuriken doesn’t seem to have any advantage over the Zante.

  2. Ryan Yo Says:

    Definitely grabbing the new device, of course the sharp one over the motorola. Either way tho, i miss having a sidekick and cant wait to get one of these beauties.

  3. blake Says:

    wow, so basically a new screen is going to make everyone get a 4? they need to make some serious changes or everyone is going to goto the iphone. they need wi-fi, they need atleast a 2.0 camera, 3g.

  4. mistergoodman Says:

    Well, they can’t go 3G until T-Mobile does. But a 2.0 camera (video capable) would be nice. I like the idea of a new screen, but I don’t like the idea of probably waiting months for the third party apps to be updated.

  5. mattv4292 Says:

    i really don’t understand why they’re making 2 new sidekicks. people won’t know which one to choose, and why 2 different manufactuers? i think it’s really stupid

    i wish there was more pictures of the sidekick shuriken aka the sk4, caus it looks way better than the slide/zante/motorolla shit.

    and another thing, what is with all the names? the sidekick 4/shuriken and the Q700something/zante/slide/lx…WHAT?

    it seems really weird too, it’s only been a year since the sk3 has been out, and a couple months since the ID has been out. it’s really weird how they’re just rolling out with all these new devices.

    sorry for writting so much and whoever reads this, LOL thanks

    email me if anyone agrees.


  6. sr24vlz Says:

    I think I’m going to wait ti’ll both devices are in the store and compare. For now, I’ll stick to my sk3, if it doesn’t break.

  7. Mr2Sense Says:

    I understand where mattv4292 is coming from far it seeming really weird that they’re making 2 new Sidekicks… I don’t know. I guess Motorola’s a fan of the Sidekick phone and showed interest of doing there own version of it. I love the look of the Sidekick Slide though! But I’ll have to agree with sr24vlz above; I just may wait ’til both devices come out or ’til there’s a legitment amount of info on both for me to decide which one I’m gonna get. (I can’t wait though)

  8. kyle Says:

    Wtf? Itiz kalled the lx and the slide. .

  9. nkircyhsotlaals Says:

    Well I got the slide n wats good wiff da charger son! Ma charger don’t be workin n da battery be waistin mahh quick like was good wif tha …….YA NIGGAS IS BETTA OFFF WIFF THE SIDEKICKLX .

  10. VitoLibido Says:

    yo, does anyone know if the new sidekick will have a gps..

  11. larry Says:

    its sucks it broke itswakck its to much money lower down

  12. Princess Says:

    My friend who works in a t-mobile store says that the new sidekick will be touch screen and its coming out around summertime.

  13. Anonymous Says:


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