Sidekick Gekko / 2008 / Aspen Details

Looks like Rockstar21 over on the PoweredByDanger forums got ahold of some information that maybe he shouldn’t have. He’s posted some blurry pics of a folder of info on the new Sidekick Gekko/2008/Aspen, slated for release at the end of July. He’s also transcribed the contents of the folder for your information:

Pricing: Get yourself a sidekick at an Affordable price. =)

Catalog: Download more apps, themes and games faster from the catalog

Address book: improved intergration. see what friends are online and immediately start chatting. activity logs. easier dialing for phone calls. improved interface.

Shortcuts: QuickFind, SpellCheck, Shortcut key strokes, and QuickJump(unified inbox and recent applications list)

Headset jack: 3.5 standard audio headphone jack

External memory: 512 mb for videos, pictures and music. can take up to 4 gb card.

Notifications: sounds, vibrations and multi colored trackball.

SMS: yes

MMS: yes

MyFaves: capable

Target Customer: Young fashionable, predominantly female who likes to express themselves and be creative.

Demensions: 120×57.5×18 mm “slightly wider, yet shorter slightly thicker than the sidekick slide”

Weight: 140 g lighter than both slide, and lx

Display: 2.6 diagonal viewing “400×240 pixel WQVGA” Mobile advanced Super V LCD (.4 inches smaller than LX)

Camera: 2.0 Mp still camera and video recorder (should be obviously noticable difference in quality of pictures and video recordings)

Instant Messaging: AIM, MSN, Yahoo. with group chat, stealth mode, and links to profiles.

Media Player: video and music player. 3gp and MPEG 4 with WMA and ACC formats.

Web Browser: yes, with zoom, pan, and scan.

Bluetooth: yes, stereo, phone calls, watching/listening to music and vidoes, sending and recieving media files.

standby time for battery: 10 days
talk time: 5 hours
128 mb ram
64 mb flash rom

19 Responses to “Sidekick Gekko / 2008 / Aspen Details”

  1. Bearmon Says:

    Interesting… can I exchange it at no charge ? I have LX for about 2 months old and contract of 2 years.

  2. thegingasunite Says:

    “Pricing: Get yourself a sidekick at an Affordable price. =)” Does anyone have any idea whatsoever how much ‘Affordable’ is???!!

  3. blinkzZz Says:

    thegingasunite on July 16, 2008 at 12:53 am said:

    “Pricing: Get yourself a sidekick at an Affordable price. =)” Does anyone have any idea whatsoever how much ‘Affordable’ is???!!

    i agree =/

  4. Dmagic Says:

    Yeah this “affordable” thing kinda seems impossible with those specs that they are listing.

  5. sweetdimples179 Says:

    you guys keep me sane

  6. T0626N Says:

    The Gekko is supposed to be the successor to the SidekickiD right? It should be priced lower than the flagship LX but we’ll see…

  7. zman Says:

    Bearmon on July 15, 2008 at 10:08 pm said:

    Interesting… can I exchange it at no charge ? I have LX for about 2 months old and contract of 2 years.

    Yeah right hahaha, your stuck unless you want to pay full price

  8. dustin123 Says:

    wtf, so this is a girls phone?

  9. hi im Says:

    dustin123 on July 16, 2008 at 2:20 pm said:

    wtf, so this is a girls phone?

    Not really. Its targeted towards females but that doesn’t mean that guys can’t have it. Like the iD was targeted twards people with a budget but that doesn’t mean everyone who has it doesn’t have money.

  10. krazy_n Says:

    so does anyone know exactly how much they think it’ll cost?!?!

  11. SiDekiCK_Fe3N Says:

    i thinkk its gonna bee $300 but idkkk ? if the price is affordablee with all of those features then it’ll deff. be likee $300

  12. CalifornianChris Says:

    More news, please!! If it’s coming out in the end of July, then there should be a lot of news ALREADY.

  13. skpimp026 Says:

    this phone looks bad ass im gettting it

  14. SiDekiCK_Fe3N Says:

    i think it will come out at the endd of this month & even if it is coming out this month there doesn’t neeed to be more info on it.

  15. CalifornianChris Says:

    Yes sweetie, I do have some questions about it and it seems like I can’t find the information yet. 😉

  16. kimberly Says:


  17. Black Barbie Says:

    Is it just me, or are a lot of the OTA update and “new” kick replies, seem to be trolls?
    (Trolls= people who work for a company or subcontracted, and are paid to sit at a pc, and post positive messages to promote a certain product,etc., to a selected group of consumers)

    Lol, I’m jusssssst saying….
    And as for the update, what the duce?! 1st time hearing about it today,let alone receiving it! Same goes for the “new” kick,is that some sort of sick joke?

  18. Mami2cswagg Says:

    On it says that they are $150.00

  19. k.Hill Says:

    Man I feel that the 08 is very valuable….you can change cases any time…u can remix your own shell even upload a photo for your shell..but this phone is not jus for ladies…men can have them to…if your on the go or in the crib its great to have an 08!

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