Sidekick Gekko/Aspen Screenshot

That’s right, a exclusive where we bring you the first screenshots from the Sidekick Aspen/Gekko. Everything we’ve been hearing points to the Aspen and Gekko being one and the same. We’re not 100% sure which name T-Mobile is going to market this as, but we’d put our money on the SK Gekko. It’s catchy and plays on the ability for the device to change colors. It’s safe to assume that those yellow sides are going to be replaceable with your choice of colors. This device is going to be the followup to the Sidekick iD for sure, as it’s code name is Style 2 (the SKiD was codenamed “Style”). We’ve also been told it’s going to have the same screen as the LX and similar features. The phone icon in this screenshot matches up with what we were seeing in the catalog earlier. We’ve also heard this was supposed to be a cheaper model phone since not everyone can plunk down several hundred dollars for the Sidekick LX. We have yet to hear what it’s missing in relation to the LX though. My guess would be that it’ll be bigger than the LX because a lot of the time cheaper parts = bigger.

30 Responses to “Sidekick Gekko/Aspen Screenshot”

  1. hamilton Says:

    Im confused. They think it will be bigger as it will be cheaper witch makes a lot of sence. They added in cam and video to a cheap phone the they have to save somewere else. But the thing that confuses me is the interview with hank said it was a thinner smaller. So does that mean there is another sidekick after this new id coming out?

  2. yoo Says:

    Hm, I’m actually interested in this… I want more info on this and the Aspen before I make a decision whether or not I want to keep my LX.

  3. yoo Says:

    PS: If the Gekko and Aspen are the same, how come they both have different release dates?

  4. hamilton Says:

    If this is ment to be the id 2 or whatever then the next sidekick they come with should be real good.

  5. ngnickle Says:

    i hope its not too much bigger.. i still have my 3 and i want 2 upgrade 2 the lx but im going 2 wait and see how these turn out.

  6. GODMODE Says:

    They are most definitely two separate devices. “Gekko” sounds like a more toyish name, while in the interview with Hank, he mentioned specifics that do not adhere to this particular design. I also doubt the CEO of Danger would have an iD2 device. Then again, you never know.

    Aspen sounds more of something you would code name a blackberry – something elegant and streamlined. I have a slide, which I am into – the swivel always seems fragile in my opinion, but the SK2 was a brick that would never die (Until it did).

    hopefully this will introduce some nice mechanical and design improvements to the league.

  7. hamilton Says:

    So the device hawk was talking about is def a dif device to this. Will that be the aspen? If so how come no screenshots of it yet?

  8. Ryan Yo Says:

    I find it hard to believe they will release a device that is better than the LX this summer… it hasn’t even been out a year yet.

  9. sdk4fiend Says:

    Looks like the gekko is just an improved version of da lx an the aspen will be the other new device according to the interview is like a mix of da lx an slide with vedion support so aspen sounds more interesting

  10. sdk4fiend Says:

    Looks like the gekko is just an improved version of da lx an the aspen will be the other new device according to the interview is like a mix of da lx an slide with vedio support so aspen sounds more interesting

  11. iamjessica Says:

    too many new sidekicks are coming
    hopefully thet dont get played out.
    i mean the names for these two upcoming ones
    are hideous.
    i say just make a new one every
    2 or 3 years.
    your good to go.

  12. lloydo2k7 Says:

    they say it is going to be cheaper, how much cheaper?

  13. rabbrit Says:

    I saw it in a t-mobile store, they just had it sent in so they didn’t know much about it, not even the name, but I can tell you I seemed to have everything the LX has (blue-tooth, camera and mp3 etc) and its also the same size as the slide but barely a little longer, (very small, thin and sleek) it has the normal kick’ screen and has a small square rubber keyboard instead of the regular plastic ones or small round ones like the slide (which is a reason I didn’t like the slide, harder to type) which is pretty awesome. It seems to have a “army” feel to it. It has changable bumbers called “shells” that are plastic I think, coming in many artys colors and pattens. It comes out in jan 09′ and truthfully I think everyone who wants a slide or LX should wait because this phone looks amazing and worth waiting for, I know I’m waiting!

  14. grant Says:

    Okay first of all the new phone came out on july 30. Yesterday. And it has video and an enhanced internet so it will seem like a computer. A little more. Its really just a smaller version of the lx. Im glad I have the lx and don’t go buy one because it has video there is a new app coming out for the lx with video.

    All in all I think this is a cool phone and you can cusomize your own shells at
    Sorry if there were anny mistakes om here I did all of this on my lx.

  15. darkfenix08 Says:

    So ifi already have the lx, should I wait for the gekko/aspen to come out and upgrade or should I keep the lx?

  16. melanie Says:

    you shouldn’t upgrade, its a waste of money, I’ve had the lx for some time now and I just got it updated and now I have lots of new features, like the new gekko/aspen fone, such as video recording. I love my fone, and there really isn’t a reason to upgrade because you’ll get the same features with the “update” your fone will get soon.

    sorry if I made any mistakes im on my lx !

  17. AdriAnn Says:

    I just the new sidekick 2008 on aug. 7th. It was originally anounced as the new sidekick gekko, but the name was later changed to the sidekick 2008. I previously owned the sk3, which I loved! The sk 2008 is priced for $300.00, but if you’re elidgable for an upgrade along with a two year contract, you can get the new sk 2008 at $199.00 + tax and also depending on the shipping method you use.
    The only thing I miss about my sk3 is the keyboard. The sk 2008 keyboard is soft and not glossy like the sk3. It takes some time to get used to. The battery life isn’t all that great, it also depends on usage. All in a nut shell, the new sidekick 2008 is an excellent phone and I highly recommend it. Plus, you get two basic shells when you buy it: neon green and black. You can purchase shells with designs/color at or any t-mobile retail store.


  18. Edward Says:

    Can i get this new phone without the contract? Where can i buy it out right? if so how much would it cost? I currently have the blue lx. i love it. i love the telnet apps.

  19. daprinceof007 Says:

    Ughhhhhh i don’t know what to do…… i have the lx and don’t get my upgrade to the sidekick gekko until November…… Should i wait until the upgrade?……… Should i just buy it regularly earlier?………. or should i get it all?

  20. roms627 Says:

    I live in MD n wuz wondering when n how u can find out when the application for video n everything is going to be sent out around here

  21. nicole guillermo Says:

    hey i that sidekick gekko

  22. matchiko garcia Says:

    overall, i think you should just buy the lx. The newest version of the sidekick is such a waste of money if you upgrade.

  23. carlesa Says:

    I have the lx which I had upgraded from the slide just bcause of the new features. A few of my friends wasted their money (as they say) upgrading to the sk 2008 bcause if they would have been patient they would have received the same features they paid for on their lx’s. I have the lx and I am not even considering switching to the aspen/gekko they are both a waste. My lx gets the job done just fine. I just wish they will f’ing let me watch youtube uggggggggggggggggggghh!! That’s the onli way I am upgrading is onli if I get to watch youtube

  24. MikeL Says:

    Is the gekko worth the cost? What features really stand out about it?

  25. prissyt Says:

    The sidekick 2008 is a good upgrade if u have the slide. Now if u have an lx then there is no need to waste your money. The lx is by far the best sidekick ever. And plus the camera on the sk 2008 still doesn’t have a flash. So your pictures suck in low light. The lx have those sweet ass lights on the side that really do serve several purposes. The sidekick 2008 has video unlike the slide. The screen also flips up, like the lx.

  26. Shadow Says:

    Well.I just got my lx. Its way better than the 08. I mean its cool and all with the shells that the lx is better. The lx has a bright bigger screen. Also it kinda feels cheap. Don’t get me wrong here. Its still a good phone just that I prefer the lx

  27. brittney Says:

    T-mobile is just calling it the T-mobile sidekick .. Not gekko , aspen , or 2008 .. but its worth getting , to me the new Sidekick™ is better then any sidekick out ..

  28. liviCOREpse Says:

    i had the sidekick 2008 and it always would shut off and not turn back on.
    its cheap.
    dont get it.

    now i have the lx.
    wayyy better than the ’08.

  29. Sftu8xiisZkiikii Says:

    I think the sidekick 2008 is kinda cheap it looks so type gay.
    I have the sidkick lx and i think is great the screen is much bigger and it looks much sexier then the 2008. The 2008 is reaally cheap the Lx still costs more then the 2008. So if u have da lx stay wit dat one because the 2008 is really wack. !

  30. spike97 Says:

    I hve an lx it is awsum but I suggest that you get the 08 because the lx`s keyboard gets reely sticky and so does the trackball but the lx is very good but I suggest you get the 08 its a lot cooler

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