Sidekick Gone from

Looks like T-Mobile is no longer selling the Sidekick on their site. The Sidekick LX 2009 was the last device on there and now there’s no sign of it. If you need one, looks like there’s only one place to go.

UPDATE: As many have pointed out, the Sidekick LX 2009 Carbon is back up on T-Mobile for $99. Was the disappearance just another mistake? Stop toying with our emotions T-Mobile!

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  1. Anon Says:

    If the sidekick twist is running Android, then it’s a sidekick in name only. Just another android device. Some people may be fine with that, though there are already plenty of android phones with keyboards out there already. In any case, it’s not a real sidekick (danger OS based). Just sayin’…

  2. LoSo Says:

    HAHAHA Lets see all the shit talking everyone was talking about before about the Sk being dead…NOPE! let see everyone run back now and wish they never waited and switched over..i laugh at ya…SK Twist ETA Summer 2010!!

  3. AceKannon Says:

    Well basically its not gonna be da same if it looks anything like da G1. Quite frankly, the Lx 2009 is one of da most beautiful phones I’ve seen ever. If they slapped a touch screen on that phone, upped the size to like 3.7 inches, nd used the signature swive screen on it while adding android, that pretty much would have me sold.

  4. AceKannon Says:

    I meant upped da screen size. But if its as big as da HD2, that’s murder. As beautiful as it may be, no sidekick needs a screen that big.

  5. LoSo Says:

    it seems they finally decided to make the Sidekick there flagship device?? and move it up from the mid tier level it was once on and gave that section to the mytouch…i could only imagine a 4.3 incher flipping in motion!

  6. AceKannon Says:

    I know rite. Just imagine a screen that gynormous in flipping action! Its like God intended this phone for us T Mobile users.

  7. LoSo Says:

    more than anything im happy they didn’t forget about us! i was seriously considering getting the mytouch slide as an upgrade to my lx09 but i was planning on waiting ti’ll summer anyway..and BOOM the news i just been looking for!

  8. bulletinyochest Says:

    Sidekicks back bitchheeessssss

  9. magnus Says:


    yeah, it’s back I m pretty sure!

    cuz. about 4 years ago, I have sk3, they rumor & gossip & leak information over internet about upcoming new sidekick iD & Slide..and then again sk08… then again sklx09… now & today, it’s same thing there leaking about upcoming sidekick twist!!.. so it’s will be back!

    check it out, here link below.

  10. Alessandra Says:

    @magnus: The more I think about it, T-Mobile just owns the name “Sidekick” so they can slap it on any device, the Sidekick is originally called a “Hiptop” it’s T-Mobile who changed the name from “Hiptop” to “Sidekick” it only makes sense since Danger is bought by Microsoft, not Google.

  11. magnus Says:


    yes, I know, T mobile own Sidekick a.k.a Hiptop and Microsoft bought Danger Inc.

    so, I know there will be coming out new Sidekick Twist!

  12. Alessandra Says:

    @magnus: Except Microsoft doesn’t make the Android OS, Google does, Microsoft just makes the Windows Mobile OS for certain phones like the HTC Touch Pro 2, the HTC HD2 etc.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    WTF I posted this thing about the sidekick first like 2 das ago and everybody is now findn out about it and everybody is like omg nd wen I posted it …nothin

  14. magnus Says:


    yes, I know Google own Android and Microsoft buyout Danger OS and change they work for M$ Windows Mobile, and Danger OS is dead.. not Sidekick

    and then T mobile want Android from Google for new Sidekick Twist…

    why you tell me about Microsoft own Windows Mobile? did I something say wrong? then I m sorry my english, sir/ma’am..

  15. Alessandra Says:

    @magus: I’m just informing you, no worries. 🙂 Also, I’m a female. 🙂

  16. magnus Says:


    if you work for this forum or t mobile, why not you tell something about Sidekick Twist? is that true that will coming out? ma’am 🙂

  17. Alessandra Says:

    @magnus: I don’t work for neither one of these companies, I just read whatever comes out about this but as I’ve said before, I read alot of things very carefully.

  18. magnus Says:


    if that true Sidekick Twist 4.3 inches.. does it look like QWERTY keyboard get bigger? like 1 keystroke size like “m&m” button? lol

  19. Alessandra Says:

    @magnus: I don’t know what it will have there are no pictures of this device. All this that we are reading is just speculation.

  20. magnus Says:


    I create Google Alert, it’s will e mail me by automatic… whatever they post in web site about Sidekick Twist news… 🙂

  21. Alessandra Says:

    @magnus: Good. I receive alerts to whenever someone posts on the site.

  22. magnus Says:

    take a look… isn’t that picture Sidekick Twist? cuz I never see like that… let me know what do u think?

    here 2 links

  23. AceKannon Says:

    Well I just want to know what the concept model will look like. If u haven’t realised yet, Sidekicks are designed by Sharp Corp. If Sharp isn’t designing the phone, nd Danger isn’t doing the OS, I doubt if it will have the swivel screen OR the 4 Danger logos we’ve come to love=( Damn, technically it won’t be a sidekick then=(

  24. LoSo Says:

    yea just because it won’t have certain things that danger made won’t mean it won’t be a good phone…think of it as a fresh start…you can’t lie danger didn’t do a good job with the phone from probably the 3 on was more just rehashs of the same phone with MINOR we are POSSIBLY getting a MAJOR upgrade and tmobile bringing the sidekick brand to the high end arena..this is BIG news! so just because it won’t have some things danger designed and sharp made isn’t a bad thing..because to my knowledge HTC is making beautiful devices and on top of the sense UI i think we shouldn’t worry..hopefully things are true and we can get some concepts soon enough!!IM GOING CRAZY!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    This site is gay now they not even postin the rumors about the all powerful sidekck twist they haven’t posted shit I used to come here for everything on the sdekick now I have to go somewhere elses I bett all of you gave up on the sidekick and have been usin a androd phone undercover this new sidekick is gna b beasts and it’s Guna b runnin the socalled bes operating system out right now I can’t fucknnnnn waittttttt I hope these fuckin rummors are true and it comes out in 3 months cuz I will b eligible for upgrade 🙂

  26. Anonymous Says:

    on May 17, 2010 at 7:31 pm said:

    This site is gay now they not even postin the rumors about the all powerful sidekck twist they haven’t posted shit I used to come here for everything on the sdekick now I have to go somewhere elses I bett all of you gave up on the sidekick and have been usin a androd phone undercover this new sidekick is gna b beasts and it’s Guna b runnin the socalled bes operating system out right now I can’t fucknnnnn waittttttt I hope these fuckin rummors are true and it comes out in 3 months cuz I will b eligible for upgrade 🙂

    Fuck youuuu!!!!!!

  27. Alessandra Says:

    @magnus: Those are pictures of the Sidekick Slide and the Sidekick LX’07 which were both released in 2007.

  28. magnus Says:


    slide 07? I don’t remember! lol! 🙂 only I was use sk w/mono, sk w/ color, sk2,sk3 and now sklx09.. if twist true? then I want buy it!


    why foul language here?.. cuz there is no point to discuss here, come on grow up….. probably jealous new sk twist? then I m sorry 🙁

  29. Haze Says:

    I hope in a couple of months they post pics of the sidekick twist.doesn’t anyone think its a dumb name to call a sidekick.

  30. Alessandra Says:

    @Haze: I do agree that it is dumb to call it that since Sidekicks are basically named with their numbers or if your with the LuXury version then it has 2 extra letters like the LX’07 and LX’09.

  31. Haze Says:

    Is it true that the sidekick twist is coming out in the summer.

  32. Alessandra Says:

    @Haze: No one knows for sure, the only one who may know for sure is probably the carrier.

  33. AceKannon Says:

    My biggest concern is wether HTC will still do the swivel screen. If you didn’t know, sharp didn’t manufacter the first sidekick model. A company called Flextronics made it. So since the swivel design isn’t patented to a brand, im guessing HTC could make it too. Add a HD touch screen nd hidden keyboard, like a true sidekick, and it will have me sold. Only as long as it stays true to the Sidekick line because if it looks anything like the mytouch slide, I won’t buy it. All I ask of HTC is that if they do make the phone, make it look somewhat like a sidekick while keeping the elegance of all other HTC models….just not the G1. I hated that design. Anybody else agree?

  34. AceKannon Says:

    Anybody have any ideas as to what this thing mite look like?

  35. Magnus Says:


    we moved to different new forum..

    here link

  36. Rhonda Says:

    Aiden on April 16, 2010 at 12:46 pm said:

    Good riddance.

    Deafies use all the sidekick and they cant live without it… We did try with blackberry and we all hate it so we go back to sidekick and we are more happier with it…. Please dont shut down with sidekick at all!!! we are very worrry about it!!!

  37. Alessandra Says:

    @Rhonda: Not ALL deafies use Sidekicks, I have 5 friends who are all deaf use a Blackberry. I know one that uses an Android device. But yes I will agree that the Blackberry sucks only for it’s size, it’s too small and too crammed, it should be spacious to allow texting to be easier when you hold it, I couldn’t stand typing on the blackberry since it’s too small! I love the Sidekick as well but many of us have to move on to a different device if the new Sidekick won’t be supported by Danger anymore, let’s just wait and see what’s on the horizon. 🙂 By the way Rhonda, I’m also deaf. 🙂

  38. Magnus Says:

    @ Rhonda

    I agree with you, Sidekick is best one.. and best QWERTY keyboard.. I know, many deaf people buy blackberry and I don’t understand why they go after BB? it’s so damn small keyboard!! it’s is worse!! I don’t understand why they after BB?? they can’t use phone call cuz they are deaf, can’t hear it lol plus keyboard is terrible! I m sorry, I m so pinic!!!! I hate BLACKBERRY!!!

    I m deaf, 100% can’t hear… that is why, I can’t typing this shitty keyboard! it’s HORRIBLE!!

    I have sidekick since 2002…. sk mono, sk color, sk2, sk3, and last now I m use sklx09!! and I LOVE IT!

    I hope, there will come true HTC sidekick!!! aaarrrggggghhhhh!! I love Super AMOLDED with 4.3 inches and 1 ghz processor! ahhhh!! I want it!!

  39. Magnus Says:

    @ Alessandra

    I thought, you told mev that you are hard of hearing and you can talk on phone? I m confused…

    deaf and hard of hearing are different mean… 🙂

  40. Alessandra Says:

    Magnus: I am deaf and hard-of-hearing but I consider myself more of a deaf person due to the fact that can’t really hear too much once my hearing aid is removed from the once good ear, without my hearing aid you have to talk louder for me to hear you because my hearing loss in that ear is on the Severe-To-Profound level which is the last level of being able to hear with a hearing aid before you become fully deaf. Yes I can talk on the phone thanks to my hearing aid but I can also talk on the phone without my hearing aid too, if I put the Sidekick on Speakerphone where it’s LOUD enough for me to hear what’s being said over the phone whenever I have my hearing aid off, I never put it on speakerphone when I have my hearing aid on, I just hold it up to my hearing aid.

  41. Mari Says:

    Sidekick is a SUCK! I was member of sidekick since 2002 to 2009, when the service started freak up! I was switched tmobile to Verizon. once again, Sidekick is alway SUCK!

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