Sidekick iD for sale again? Only $50 now

Looks like the Sidekick iD is rising from the grave! We all thought the SKiD was gone, but apparently there are still some in stock that they need to get rid of.
Umm, T-Mobile… y’know the Sidekick iD is kind of old. It’s also kind of ugly. Why are you selling Sidekick iDs again? Why would anyone want an iD instead of a Sidekick 2008? Oh, I guess if you knock it down to only $50 there might be some takers. That’s even cheaper than what you can get one on eBay for! But seriously guys, why not just knock the price down on the Sidekick 2008? Please?

9 Responses to “Sidekick iD for sale again? Only $50 now”

  1. Dukethelady Says:

    WTF? Wow tmobile wowww

  2. RiotBoy Says:

    Oh Lord! Give It A Break! The ID should come free in a tmobile doggy bag…lol

  3. Setnakt Says:

    Hey it’s not bad at that price for a backup phone for incase your regular kick breaks untell the replacement arrives. Beats a std cell phone for that wait, you can’t get ANY Sidekick as a temp phone from a T-mo store while waiting just a cheep(er than the id) totaly striped down piece of crap.

  4. edmund Says:

    how much money do you want for

  5. tyalor Says:

    sounds good you got my buy!!!

  6. Ny'keta Says:

    We’ll the phone sounds Fantastic and Just because it is Old doesnt mean it isnt in style witch it is in style so i would like to buy the phone please contact me at

  7. TheTruth Says:

    Yea to the fool who posted the email wanting to be contacted to buy the 50$ id umm did u read the article the correct way why would u want to be contacted when you can walk inside of tmobile and buy it from the store smh read people read

  8. shanika Rosa Says:

    i am interested thats not baddd!!

  9. Shanika Rosa Says:

    do u guys still have the sidekick id for $50.00 because i need a new phone.. let me know my yahoo is

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