Sidekick iD – USB or Not?

UPDATE: Confirmed by John B, it does have a USB port and it’s covered up with a little bit of plastic that is easy to lose. Thanks John!

Sounds like some lines got crossed somewhere. Whether or not the Sidekick iD has a USB port is in debate. Check out the image from
Sidekick iD With USB Port
and then check out the video from Crunchgear’s John Biggs:
Sidekick iD without USB Port

Hmmmmmm….. maybe there are SKiD flaps?
Sidekick iD with flap?

Thanks to exiva at HiptopHunt for pointing this out

9 Responses to “Sidekick iD – USB or Not?”

  1. Sole Says:

    Actually Minus X pointed it out but ok..

  2. alexander Says:

    does anyone know if there will be a prepaid version?!

  3. Ronny Says:

    it will have a USB port, 3rd party developers need the USB port to test their applications, which is why the sidekick 2 had a USB port which no one knew what it was for (unless you were a developer). i should know im a developer for the sidekick.

  4. John B Says:

    You’re absolutely right, guys. I had poked around in there earlier, but the flap was so flush to the device that I didn’t see it could even open. I just forced it and found the USB port. Sorry!

  5. John B Says:

    And I just lost the “flap.” It’s just a little piece of plastic.

  6. debs4jc Says:

    I can confirm that if you do indeed manage to pull out the plastic flap there is a little usb port there. It’s kind of hard and I ruined some fingernails, you have to get up under the side of it and pry it up. But once it’s done it’s easier to take it on and off, unless you lose it.

  7. debs4jc Says:

    Why would they hide this though is the question? There’s no mention in the instruction manual that I can recall.

  8. Bo0sTeD 4g63 Says:

    how can i get a program to download things to the sidekick id i have the usb port and cable but its not finding a program for it ?????

  9. krizid23 Says:

    i found the usb port but nothing happens so if someone can help me aim me at krizlx

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