Sidekick iD – Worst Tech #5 of 2007

sidekick id (not sure why a laptop mag is reviewing phones *shrug*) has apparently given the thumbs down to the Sidekick iD in their latest feature, Best & Worst: First Half of 2007. They cite the lack of features as the main reason, with the pain in the neck of replacing bumpers and lack of EDGE as additional downsides. While the Sidekick iD does have less features than the Sidekick 3, you’ll find quite a bit of argument on the forums over whether or not this is truly a downgrade. Needless to say, the Sidekick iD definitely hits a niche in the market and has been doing well, regardless of what the laptop dorks say. What do you guys think? Is the Sidekick iD really the “worst tech” of the first half of 2007?

5 Responses to “Sidekick iD – Worst Tech #5 of 2007”

  1. Matthew Says:



  2. MG23 Says:

    Yes it does suck

    I used to have an ID, and I didnt like it. It has no MP3, or camera which sucks. It also looks cheap.

    Thank God I got my Blue Lx. Its wayyyy better. It has all the features, with a better screen and the OTA update. The keyboard is better too.

    Get a 3, Slide, LX or `08. I’d even rather get a Sk 2 than this.

  3. suckalottadick Says:

    its the best i love 2 get porn pics off dha net and beat my meat

  4. Notorious Deezy Says:

    Lol people who have ID might not want a kamera or music lol….i rather have my ipod and camera shit if people dont use them some people might think diffre t

  5. uropinionsucks Says:

    The I.d. Has some of the worst ideas,or lack there of,that I’ve seen or actually havnt seen in a long time. I thought the idea of introducing new sidekicks was to make improvements to each new version. Not to backstep 3 years!!??!!

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