Sidekick II is the 16th most popular device in the US

According to AdMob, a mobile advertising network, the Sidekick II is still in the top 20 handsets in the United States. This stat is based on ad impressions, so take it with a grain of salt. However it’s still interesting to see it ranking so high over 4 years after it’s release! Of course the iPhone has taken the number one spot, but we’re not sure why more recent Sidekick models aren’t showing up. If you want to check out the full report, you can grab the PDF.

via Washington Post

7 Responses to “Sidekick II is the 16th most popular device in the US”

  1. Taco Says:

    well I wonder which one is number one and if the x is near. And who will still be usin a sk2????

  2. blu toof Says:

    Wow!!! I don’t even remember the last time I saw a SKII

  3. dontworry Says:

    Don’t worry guys with t-mobile raising the price on the data plans this won’t be true for long. The sidekick is basically a talking dead man.

  4. dave Says:

    i saw a girl in the tmobile store in the mall last week, with a pink jucy couture sidekick II, and!! an LX and she was using both!!!!……………
    i know, its like wth do u need 2 sks for?

  5. mojiganga06 Says:

    it says the iphone is number one….but on the pic….its number two…someones confused lol….and i def see more lx than II’s so admob is definitely outdated in many ways

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Sidekick 2 body is the best I think it’s be awesome to have a sidekick 2 with lx os

  7. Embalmfirst Says:

    I just purchases a sidekick II,it’s definitly the best so far…the rest is just imitation!!

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