Sidekick III Launch Rumor – April 2006

via Gizmodo

Interesting rumor:

I was at a conference at [some place] on [doing something for people]. During lunch, I sat next to [Some very important guy who knows this stuff] and we got to discussing the sidekick.

He indicated that the sidekick III would be released in April of 2006. I asked him a few times for hints or details (believe me, I tried) but no luck.

The sender asked me to redact a lot of the info and hide his identity, but there you have it. April 2006. From someone who should know. [Thanks, Franco A. Wilcox of Madison, Wisconsin!]

3 Responses to “Sidekick III Launch Rumor – April 2006”

  1. Marcel Ohanian Says:

    can you send email me for a new sidekick iii can be font option ?
    please let me know send email me thanks..

  2. Marcel Ohanian Says:

    can you send email me about hiptop III can be add font to read print as easy plse me know thanks.. thanks..

  3. Marcel Ohanian Says:

    i would like to send me about new sidekick III with picture as can you show me on it by email with picture please..


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